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So he both fell and dropped a rock on himself.
Blake's 7 has a couple of nasty ones.A shapeshifting villain, trying many forms but too wounded to be able to use them properly, falls down it, and Tash actually says No One Could Survive That!Lionel Luthor is taken out of the show this way in Smallville, also an example of Klingon Promotion and Dying to Be Replaced.It's played straight with Helga, although unlike most examples, we actually see her afterwards, and she lives long enough to deliver the coup de grace shot on the airship.Rudy survives to see the end credits, however.(grins) "If" is good.Shiroi Haru Saikyou no Futari Shiroi Kyoto Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu Shitamachi Rocket Sailor Zombie Shitsuren Chocolatier Saito San 2 Shokojo Seira Saito-san Shokuzai Saka no Ue no Kumo Shomuni Saki Shomuni 2 Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku Shomuni 2013 sakura Shomuni 3 Samurai.In "The Hand of Fear", the villain falls down a deep black pit after being tripped up with the fourth Doctor's scarf.

Averted with Cutler Beckett, who is blown up with his ship, and has his remains on the water.He comes back from that too, courtesy of the show's Satan - Expy, but that's not for another season.As he grabs onto the gargoyle for dear life, it starts glowing and snarling at him, as if Satan himself was saying he deserved.Merlin - Aredian the Witchfinder dies by falling out a window rather than being killed by Merlin like most of the villains.You know what this means.Sym-Bionic Titan : The traitor during the invasion of Galaluna is stabbed through the gut by Lance and topples bath and body spa gift baskets over the edge of a bridge to his death.Magua dies this way at the end of The Last of the Mohicans.Of course, in the book, he melted.Heavy Anaconda in the sixth-to-last episode, "Frog Wild", gets this by getting burned by Fire Kirby's Burning Attack and Fireball Spin moves and then falling.
Falling out of a tree and accidentally hanging oneself with jungle vines.
According to Loose Canon, the G1 villain Somnambula ultimately met her end this way when G1 Shady accidentally knocked her off of a opera theater balcony, sending her falling to her death.