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Win to zawgyi

win to zawgyi

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Naming system of early Bagan era seems to be influenced by Chinese names.
Burmese people tends to name their new born babies according to astrology rather than naming after someone.
Zawgyi Keyboard layout direct Link : f, firefox Internet Browser, google Chrome.Dhanyawadi, era (4BC) used Muslim names though they were Buddhists.U Thant, third Secretary-General of the United Nations, was the good example.Burmese naming system doesnt have family name, first name, last name, fathers name, tribe name or husbands name.Yes, I dont have a family name.Family name/last name was mandatory in most of the forms I had to fill.Create Your Free Account, install the App Now.
So U Thant was.

Yet you may rarely see those kinds.U (pronounce as oo) is the.Maung Maung San The Great, so I divided my name into two parts as Maung Maung and San, and San became the family name.According to history records of Myanmar, the ancient kings.Bagan Era (9BC) used to name their first names according to their fathers last names.Some people only goes with a few syllables in their names and some with single syllable.But you will hardly see the wife changing her name to the husbands family name in Myanmar.I just learned that there are some more Asian ethnics without family names too.
Danyawadi was a trade hub of Muslim traders.