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Win an iphone 6 for free 2015

Back in 2010 security firm Sophos reported on its.
Sometimes the entry numbers are lower than you think, and if you keep entering you'll be lucky eventually.
Its also unlikely there will be any actual winners of free iPhone 6s in this promotion, but even if there were, agreeing to pay 119 per month to gain.2 chance of winning an iPhone that retails in the 700-800 range is a very.
If you actually want an iPad (or any Apple product) and have spare time on your hands then consider something like Amazon's Mechanical Turk program.You give away your personal data all the time, so you might think it's worth a shot.Say it has an Apple iWidget to sell that nobody has heard.The 'advert' on the right refers to iOS 8 rather than the then-current 9, and the offer itself is for the iPhone 6 rather than the 6s or 6s Plus.They are often run by websites and magazines and are always free to enter.The iWidget is worth around 30 and they want to draw attention.Standard website structure would have a welcome page hosted at m, and this would then link to individual articles with longer URLs such as m/news/story1, m/news/story2 and.Origins: Yet another form of the ubiquitous sweepstakes scam groomsmen grilling gift ideas hit social media in October 2015, with the repeated posting of a Facebook item promoting Apples Shocking 2015 Sale under which customers Can Now Get a Brand New iPhone 6 for.Usually, the letter and product/gift card will be sent out separately.These are almost certainly the same scam.Other parts of the page gave clues that the scammers were a little out of date.Make a direct contribution today.How to tell if a 'free iPhone' competition is legitimate On the internet it's hard to tell which iPad competitions are legitimate and which are a scam.FunkyClock is a game site, and users who read the fine print for this promotion will note that they have to sign up with FunkyClock, supply a credit card number, play at least 10 complete games, and agree to pay a hefty monthly subscription fee.These sites are said to use BidRobots, or fake bots, to drive up the prices.
I thought not clicking on anything but "Okay" and then the "x" to close that screen was sufficient.
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We don't recommend filling out endless forms randomly in the hope that an iPad will one day appear.All you do with these links is fill out endless forms of personal information and are then encouraged to get your friends and family to offer their own information.'News' stories about amazing offers, back in September 2015, a few (slightly less tech-savvy) friends of our started noticing - and initially taking at face value - an online article, seemingly from a shopping subsection of the reputable news source CNN, reporting on a startling.First of all, it is possible to win a free iPad, or a free iPhone.I knew it had to be a scam when I saw that it originated from.Tags: Share this article.Trademarks, service marks, logos, and/or domain names (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners.(On some browsers, the domain-name part of the URL is the only bit that's shown, which can help to hide this.).One post complains that the site started bidding on their behalf without their knowledge.
A quick look on, moneySavingExpert suggests that people are buying credits from Swoggi to bid in the auctions and then when they don't win the product they are unable to get their money back.
The thing is that nobody has heard of iWidget, so the competition will remain very small.

Are the free iPad promotions on Facebook real?
Suddenly they get lots of exposure, and hopefully some people will buy an iWidget if they really want one.