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Win an electric bike

Combining style with functionality, EcoBike is a world-renowned designer of quality electric bicycles, sold all over Europe perkal gifts location and North America.
The Patriot DreamE results from the combination of the popular Day 6 bicycle with the.
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The 2008 Rayos follows the highly popular LashOut and ElecTrec bikes.Also standard is the Cycle Analyst, which has become the e-meter of choice for keeping track of battery usage and performance characteristics.The Mundo Cargo Utility Bicycle rides like a regular bike and gives you the capacity to haul at least 6 large bags of groceries.This is both good and bad: you have a bike that is sleek, powerful and nimble, but you also are going to be crouched over the front wheel for better control, gripping no-nonsense grips and riding a saddle meant for performance, not cruising.The seat is highly adjustable with seat height, seat depth, and surface angle all variable.The izip brand is reserved for its mid- to high-end offerings, sold primarily through full service, specialty retailers.Available from: Currie Technologies, iZIP and ezip Electric Bicycles, the leading.S.Keep shoelaces, loose clothes and other dangly bits safely out of your rear spokes.
The Yuba Bicycles line is acclaimed and enjoyed all around the globe for its affordability, ride quality, the quality of the accessories.
Improved front suspension(107mm travel).

A state-of-the-art, brushless, centrally-located motor provides a smooth, predictable power-assist directly to the drive train.Capacity) luggage rack, chain guard, and integrated LED head- and tail-lights.With well-crafted aluminum alloy frames and lithium batteries, these bikes are lighter than other electric bikes.The motor on the Patriot DreamE drives the chain and utilizes the gearing of the bike for remarkable power and speed.A Kalkhoff Pedelec is a lot more than simply bolting a motor onto a great bike.Brushless and gearless design requiring no maintenance.
Running Errands, Getting Groceries, Replacing the mini-van: An electric cargo bicycle is a new breed of vehicle, half bicycle, half electric vehicle.
About 1000 of these were produced in 1942, and the 15-horsepower 500cc bikes are highly collectible.

Fortune powered in front of professional riders to secure a decisive win in the first of an annual competition especially created for electric assist bikes.
With advanced protection, performance, and convenience, Li-ion batteries are fast charging and maintain steady power output throughout their lifespan.