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But this also claimed for Crécy, see 1346 ) 1266 Western Isles acquired by Scotland 1270 Eighth Crusade (1270) 1271 Ninth (and last) crusade (127172) 1272 Nov 20: Edward I (who was away on the Crusade) declared king of England following the death of his.
Oct 24: Wall Street crash on 'Black Thursday followed on Oct 29 by 'Black Tuesday, regarded as the start of the Great Depression' the Dow Jones Index didn't recover to its pre-crash level until 1954 BBC begins experimental TV transmissions Nov 29: Richard E Byrd.It commemorates Charles II's concealment with Major Careless in the 'Royal Oak' at Boscobel, near Shifnal, Shropshire, after his defeat at Worcester on Aug 27: Nieuw Amsterdam becomes New York as 300 English soldiers under Col.Other British railway companies followed during the rest of the year.;-) Jan 15: Wikipedia goes on-line Feb: Outbreak of Foot Mouth disease in UK lasted until October caused postponement hot docs promo code 2018 of local and general elections from May to June Feb 15: First draft of the complete human genome published in Nature Mar 23: Mir space station.NI.37M Jan 1: First episode of The Archers broadcast May 3: Festival of Britain and Royal Festival Hall open on South Bank, London May 28: First Goon Show broadcast Oct 31: Zebra crossings introduced into law in Britain Dec 20: Electricity first produced.Alan Lawrence enjoyed a good mornings roach fishing on The Airman landing around 20 roach, with 11 all over the 1lb mark. .Patrick's saltire to the Union Flag Mar 10: First census puts the population of England and Wales at 9,168,000 population of Britain nearly 11 million (75 rural) Grand Union Canal opens in England Surrey iron railway, on which horse-drawn trucks carry coal and farm produce.Chris Thripp, Duane Richardson and Bill Mann have recently landed a number of decent carp from Willington Lake all caught on Thripster baits. .Longitude Act: prize of 20,000 offered to the inventor of a workable method of determining a ship's longitude (won by John Harrison in 1773 for his chronometer).Aug 5: Marilyn Monroe found dead Aug 5: Nelson Mandela jailed Aug 6: Jamaica gains full independence from the United Kingdom Oct 5: First James Bond film Dr No released in UK Oct 24: Cuba missile crisis brink of nuclear war Nov 24: That Was.He gave them territory in the southeast of this land on the condition that they fight the Picts.He was able to keep Gascony and parts of Aquitaine but only as a vassal to Louis.If you have any better information which you feel should be added, please let me know.
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Special days, bC4004, oct 23: The beginning of Creation, as calculated by James Ussher (1581 1656 Archbishop of Armagh and believed until Victorian times.

In addition to the carp, Duane Richardson landed a 10lb 6oz bream on Thripster bream mix.Micks seven daytime sessions have produced a total of around 350lb of fish, which have comprised of 67 bream from 1lb 8oz to 7lb 2oz, five carp, two tench, two pike and several roach and perch. .Mathias Nicolls take the town from the Dutch under orders from Charles.Helena Corn Law passed with enormous benefit to landlords (see 1849 ) Trial by Jury established in Scotland Davy develops the safety lamp for miners Nash Brighton Pavilion 1816 Economic depression - rise in wheat prices Income tax abolished Excise tax payable on paper production.World population crossed the 6 billion mark specsavers canterbury eye test voucher 2001 Jan 1: Real millennium celebrations begin!Jan 5 Twelfth Night.
Michael Webb thought he had finally cracked the 4lb mark when he first landed his latest perch from the Broom River stretch of the Ivel, but on the scales it was just short of his target, weighing in at 3lb 14oz. .
BC49, jan 10 (of the Roman calendar Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signaling the start of civil war.

We recently reported Mick Baldwin enjoying a catch of mainly bream for just over 100lb from Broom Lake. .
AD525 aD43, roman Conquest of Britain begun by Emperor Claudius Camulodunum (Colchester) captured and becomes first Roman Base in England.