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Who would win thor or hulk

who would win thor or hulk

Thor would lose if he fought the Hulk, Thor would be a tuff match, but Hulk would still win because Hulk can pick up Thor's hammer if Thor fights him long enough.
On the one hand the Hulk should win as he gets stronger as he gets angrier and nothing makes him angrier than being beaten.Thor's infinity vortex has portrayed many feats such as teleportation, negating Juggernaut's magic, forcefield, and invulnerability, and stopped a bomb that kew gardens membership discount code was capable of destroying 1/5th of the universe.That it's faster than light.Hulk cannot pick up Thor's hammer.I'm not being bias towards the Hulk.You can't have them destroying comic continuity now can we?The thunder god zapped the Hulk with a lightning bolt to the head, a move which knocked the beast out.However, Thor also possesses these traits.Thor is a "god while Hulk is a near-immortal(the Maestro possibility gives at least some indication as to the possibilities of the Hulk's strength, longevity durability).Goku its simple, goku would rip the hulks head off shove it up his a* then after the hulk got pissed from getting the s*t kicked out of him his a* cheeks would tighten up so hard his head would explode.Thor was supposed to be in his "classic" costume).If they haven't read nor learned all 70 years of Thor, then they can't truly grasp how powerful he is so the will base their opinion off of whatever they see.How many transformations do we need?This is why Superman can take attacks from powerful magic beings and fight back and over come magic.Also it depends what they are fighting about, a duel to the death or who can do 100 sums faster.
His childcare rebate budget cosmic equal, Beta ray Bill, doesn't have the same morals and Thor and thus, is Thor without morals.
Thor can fly, has his hammer and has the intelligence and tactical abilities of a God.

Supermanwould fly Hulk with him and celebrate.Also, add in the fact that he has shattered planetoids before.As with all similar battles (Hulk Vs Superman for example) it comes down to luck and tactics.Here, Bill states in a possibly deadly tone, that he has shattered planets before with his hammer and then, proceeded to strike his enemy with an unrestrained hit.Having empowered by uhaul pod discount pis to tag said character's that can move faster than light yet being weighed down by that exact same advatange against much weaker characters.Even World breaker Hulk cannot hope to touch Thor when he decides to protect himself within it's magical whirlwind.Hulk would win, but it might take a while.Stat comparisons: Strength: Hulk if he gets the chance to become angry enough.So it's basically kind of leaning towards Hulk a bit in this area.