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What states would trump need to win

Rubios biggest challenge is the iwoot referral discount sheer number of relatively mainstream conservative candidates, like Jeb Bush and.
Finally, do not discount the electorates ability to be mischievous or underestimate how any millions fancy themselves as closet anarchists once they draw the curtain and are all alone in the voting booth.
She never talks in an excited voice when asked why shes voting for Hillary.In 2012, Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes.We have to shake things.So our mental state goes to default when something scary is actually, truly happening.Trump appears to fare best in the South, Appalachia and the industrial Northeast, according to data from Civis Analytics, a Democratic firm.To shake things.The schedule becomes even more favorable in April and May, when the primary season turns to the delegate-rich moderate and well-educated states along the coasts, including New York, California and New Jersey.Whos the candidate with the most rabid supporters?Its not a surprise: He excels among self-described very conservative voters and struggles among everyone else.And now I have even more awful, depressing news for you: Donald.There is a sense that the power has slipped out of their hands, that their way of doing things is no longer how things are done.Hillary Clinton is going to have to do something to give them a reason to support her and picking a moderate, bland-o, middle of the road old white guy as her running mate is not the kind of edgy move that tells millenials that their.I have great hope for the country I live.But that is not how it works in America.This is just one example of how she is killing the youth vote.
And then you listen to Hillary and you behold our very first female president, someone the world respects, someone who is whip-smart and cares about kids, who will continue the Obama legacy because that is what the American people clearly want!
Its one of the few places left in society where there are no security cameras, no listening devices, no spouses, no kids, no boss, no cops, theres not even a friggin time limit.

(Next week I will post my thoughts on Trumps Achilles Heel and how I think he can be beat.) also: Yours, Michael Moore.You dont even have to like him!Remember back in the 90s when the people of Minnesota elected a professional wrestler as their governor?Trump IS your messenger!Because, when youre young, you have zero tolerance for phonies and.The left has won the cultural wars.But the calendar gets more challenging for.Well, folks, this isnt an accident.After that itll bp rewards uk be eight years of the gays in the White House!
Here are the 5 reasons Trump is going to win: Midwest Math, or Welcome to Our Rust Belt Brexit.
Shes a hawk, to the right of Obama.