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What is the purpose of the sweeping in curling

He is a third generation maker amish outlet & gift shop of brooms.
So, I told her, Lady, Id like to see the broom.LG: How old calendar gift ideas for girlfriend are these machines?We found this artisan via the.Well, a little girl about eight years old spoke up and said, Dad, you hit a cat with it, he said with a laugh.You may know that a person who makes shoes is a cobbler and a person who makes wood barrels is a cooper.Not only did his father make brooms, but his grandfather also made them.If people use them for decorations, thats fine.Not a thing wrong with that machine.And then, another guy brought a broom back.He said, I was just sweeping and the handle broke.Matter of fact, that machine I got from a blind man.So, I figured if a blind man can make brooms, I should be able to make brooms.

I couldnt get into mischief.And 2015 I sent this broom in and I won first prize, 500, with this broom, he said matter-of-factly.He owns Brooms by Henry.Just so they dont abuse them and come back and tell me they fell apart or something.LG: Looks like theres a different process for a lot of different kinds of brooms.Thats how come every broom that I make, every broom that I sell, I tell the people to keep it moist.I start picking around August and I will pick until the snow flies on two-and-a-half acres.My machine over there would be from the early 1900s.I said, What did you do?

If its moist, its very durable, but if its dry, itll break easily.
Otherwise, when I twist it around, the wire would cut it and would break.