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What are the characteristics of a gifted child

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Behavioral and emotional problems, special learning difficulties and provide advice/support to parents and schools of the gifted students concerned.Different children show advancement in different ways.That's a sign of being observant.For example, if he shows interest in cars, apart from buying miniature discount wall mounts cars, expose him to the real ones, watch DVD's on cars (short ones as long as he pays attention get some car magazines, etc.He also forms 56 words sentences which are grammatically correct (unclear pronunciation).Not everyone would have all the qualities listed and that does not mean that the child is not advanced.From your description, some of his skills do appear advanced, and these are the skills that you may want to nurture, especially if he shows interest in them.Identifying these unique cognitive, social, emotional and linguistic traits isn't necessarily difficult.
4 Report (1990 was established in 1995.
Educational programs for gifted and talented children and their applications in Hong Kong.

I have checked early signs of giftedness but it still leaves some questions if I am just a very proud mommy.D, q: I have a son who is turning two in two weeks time.What facilities are available in the Centre?Rethinking mathematics genius and mental arithmetic.Using literature to facilitate the cognitive and affective growth of gifted and talented students.They tend to be more mature.You may want to read it out to him, but if it's of adult content (as long as there are many pictures you can make a story out of it or get him to say something.Now at age 2, he can name his miniature cars (Benz, Beetle, Mustang, Jeep etc).Ans: The current gifted education policy of the hksar Government encourages mainstream schools to nourish gifted/high ability students through school-based gifted programmes.Students gifted in creativity: have an acute sense of beauty; enjoy risk-taking; are able to generate many alternative means to solve complicated problems; have a delicate sense of humor; are flexible.They may cry over things that other children shrug off or complain about tags in their clothes or the seams in their socks irritating their skin.
The Centre was named to commemorate its deceased benefactor.
Does any of the departments of the hksar Government provide assessment services to the potentially gifted?

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