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Vintage rebate plane

Snicker or spurred cutters, spur rotated puts the cutter down below the sole face and into cut mode.
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78 Made in England Good condition but the depth stop ymca promo code soccer is missing See pictures Securely packed and despatched as soon as funds are cleared by Pay Pal No responsibility is taken.Looking at most surfaces in houses, even on architraves and skirting boards, I see the monotonous ripple left from machines as the light catches the high points exaggerating the rotary cuts.Simple enough and very clean.But rebate planes make short shrift of this task and more than that the task of sanding too.The depth stop is removed for view.79 rabbet Plane in good condition.Rods can be pushed through which allows the fence to be used on either side of the plane.See all results Browse Related.98 side rabbet, rebate plane Pat Jan.Wodens version of the Stanley #78.78 plane is brand new and opened for the first time to take pictures for this listing.Stanley.78 duplex filletster rabbet plane complete.00 6 bids 23 watching, yOU ARE looking aice stanley.78 duplex filletster rabbet plane.Rebating a section of wood 12 long with a 1/2 x 3/4 rebate is literally 2 noiseless minutes work for.The cutter width is 1-1/8" in the middl.There is a tendency to unwittingly tilt the plane to the side and so create a bevelled or tilted angle to the rebate being formed.Early stanley 289 fillister rabbet plane.99 Buy It Now It has the depth stop but needs a thumb screw, and it has a fence without the rod.

In very good condition.Like NEW.95 0 bids 18 watching, this is a Stanley # 78 Duplex and Rabbet Plane, made in England.190 were considered suitable for rougher stock.The filletster plane is simply a rebate or rabbet plane and can be called such best christmas gift for 4 year girl in the day to day of benchwork.As with all planes it has unique nuances everyone should learn of but lets discuss the plane in general first.Can cut a rabbet up to 1 1/2.I have not cleaned this tool as collectors and users prefer to do it themselves.The nicker is a small blade, ground dead flush with.So, dont do as others have done and start grinding the iron narrower to match the width of the planes sole.In actuality this makes little or no difference to functionality unless you are prone to overly bulldogging the plane to the wood and break the fence itself.

This is clearly shown in the pictures.
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