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Vanilla visa gift card declined online

vanilla visa gift card declined online

Down in Texas, Jackie wrote us on Dec.
You're not going to be able to get an answer out of us, as there are literally thousands of reasons a card can be declined.
If you have.00 on the card, try making a purchase under.00.
A couple days before Christmas, we ran an article listing reasons why store-specific gift cards are often a bad gift idea, and added: if you must give a card in lieu of actual money, a prepaid debit card valid with any merchant who takes credit.Federal Trade Commission or, better yet, both.The rep states there is nothing she can do again.That's possible, but I've tried to use this card in so many places (both online and in stores) that I think the problem is the card itself., 01:05 PM xfountaingrl 160 posts, read 687,744 times, reputation: 64, are you trying to use it for.We say this because, in just the brief period of time that's passed since Christmas, we heard from different people from all over the country with identical complaints: their Vanilla visa card wouldn't activate, and all attempts to fix this have proven to.I had a gift card once that was taken once then denied.Since then, it's been declined every time I've tried to use it, both online and in person.I thought most places had the issue fixed.Well, I didn't dream this up, but she continue as though I had.Then we went to the m site to check the balance.Some processors will run.00 authorization on.00 charge.So I called the credit card company and they said it was the bank's problem.Thanks., 06:35 PM texdav 48,519 posts, read 80,998,062 times, reputation: 17978.Still, it's worthwhile for you to make at least one good-faith attempt to contact the company before going over their heads and contacting your state (or provincial) attorney general's anti-fraud department or the.

The Vanilla-Visa site says home depot red white and blue paint rebate the card is still valid and has a balance.50, but it's still being rejected every time I try to use.AlexTx 809 posts, read 3,116,882 times, reputation: 568,": Originally Posted by xfountaingrl.The online balance page would not work.However, the second Customer Service Rep I spoke with claimed that they don't do activation, reactivation, passwords, etc.This was a gift for a customer.Call the number on the back of the card and ask someone who actually services the card.There is no sign in their store that says that they are not responsible for gift cards that won't work.What should I do next?Only they can tell you the actual reason of denial., 02:49 PM cleasach 2,251 posts, read 4,311,198 times, reputation: 3709, it's possible that the cashier is checking off the wrong thing before she or you swipes the card.
Tried their 800 number and it doesn't work.
I encourage anyone who has had this problem to contact your state Attorney General's office and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Asked for a supervisor, was told there not one and if there was one they Would say the same thing.
Been hung up on, transferred and on hold most of time.
That happens frequently with Visa gift cards, which is why I don't like them., 11:25 AM asonnier Location: Lafayette 486 posts, read 1,237,706 times Reputation: 374 This has happened to me many times.