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Alfm - Alioto Lazio Fish Market alfn - Allied Land Forces Norway alfo - American Leadership Forum of alfp - AT T Labs Fellowship Program alfr - Allen Lane Financial Recruitment alfs - Automated Linux From Scratch alft - Ammunition Logistics Focus Team alfw.
O Paulista de Albergues da Juventude apak - Financial systems specialists - m - name origin unknown apal - and Pear Australia Limited apam - Asian Pacific American Studies Minor apan - Asia-Pacific Area Network apao - Aggregate Producers' Association of Ontario apap - Association.
Artv - Arts and Recreation Training Victoria artw - arts WAY MFG CO INC arua - Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Awards arub - archaeologische Reisen und Bildung arug - Arbeitsstelle Rechtsextremismus und Gewalt aruk - Amateur Radio Union of Kyrgyzstan arul - Akademie fnr Raumforschung.Aabm - Airbourne Anti-Ballistic Missile, aABN - Danish company- - acronym unknown.Arhv - Australian Register of Historic Vessels arhw - Advanced Replacement Hardware Warranty arhx - Arch Mineral Corporation aria - Australian Recording Industry Assocation arib - Association of Radio Industries and Businesses aric - Associate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry arid - acceptance resilience.Aymm - Asian Youth Ministers Meeting ayms - All Your Mortgage Solutions aymt - Aberdeen Youth Music Theatre aymu - Africa Youth Ministries Uganda aymv - Acalypha yellow mosaic virus aync - And You're Not Coming ayne - Alain Young gifts for the ballerina Newcastle England aynf - Are.Ajlh - American Journal of Legal History ajli - Association of Junior League International ajll - Adult Jewish Learning and Living ajlm - American Journal of Law Medicine ajln - Aboriginal Justice Learning Network ajlp - antibes juan LES pins ajls - Association for Japanese.S de France adcg - Associaci?Ascc - Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator ascd - Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development asce - American Society of Civil Engineers ascf - Australian Sport Climbing Federation ascg - All Sky Camera Group asch - American Society of Clinical Hypnosis asci - American Society for.Ch Dec avba - Association of Vanderbilt Black Alumni avbb - Amsterdamse Vereniging ter Bev.Atwf - Air Transport World Freight atwg - Aerospace Technology Working Group atwh - Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt atwi - and the winner is atwj - Around the World Journal atwk - against THE wind kennels atwl - All the Weyrs List atwm - Advanced.Aise des Auteurs de Shareware as-fr.
Aumm - accion UN maestro MAS aump - American Ukrainian Medical Project aumr - Association of University of Miami Retirees aums - Autonomous UAV Mission System aumt - Atlas Uranium Mill Tailings aumv - autonomous underground mining vehicle aumy - Aldersgate United Methodist Youth auna.

N- aagk - Apartment Association of Greater Knoxville aagl - American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists aagm - Asociaci?Atrl - Army Training Regiment Lichfield atrm - aetrium INC atrn - all type radio name atro - astronics corp atrp - atom transfer radical polymerization atrq - Association Tourist Railways Queensland atrr - Allocated Transfer Risk Reserve atrs - Air Transport Research Society atrt.So afuw - Australia Federation of University Women afva - American Foundation for Vision Awareness afvb - Air Force Viability Board afvc - Armed Forces Vacation Club afvd - American Football Verbandes Deutschland afve - Association Fran #231;aise des Voitures et afvf - Atlanta Film.Aogm - Assemblies of God Movement aogn - Athletes of Good News aogo - Advanced Orbiting Geophysical Observatory aogp - Abuse of Governmental Power aogq - Assemblies of God Queensland aogr - American Oil and Gas Reporter aogs - Asia Oceania Geosciences Society aogt.Aocx - Aluminum Company of America aoda - American Overseas Dietetics Association aodb - and Obstacle Database b aodc - Australasian Online Documentation Conference aodd - Air Operated Double Diaphragm aode - and Other Drug Education aodf - Authentication Object Directory File aodh - Abstracts.Anml - Advanced Network Management Lab anmm - Australian National Maritime Museum anmn - Abort No More Network anmo - Albuquerque New Mexico anmp - Aircraft Noise Mitigation Program anmr - American National Microsystem Resources anms - All Newton Music School anmt - Academy for.Agfy - Arrg Go Fuck Yourself agfz - Azores Gibraltar Fracture Zone agga - Australian Glass and Glazing Association aggb - Apple Gebruikers Group Belgie aggc - Athens Grow Green Coalition aggd - Atari Gebruikers Groep Deinze aggf - Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund aggg.