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His fake mustache falls off his face and lands on the hot dog, which he holds out to Doughnut Sheriff Doughnut Sheriff: disgusted Ughh." and pulls the coat off.Joan cries out, "That's not water." and pauses for a few seconds as we see the pair drenched in it, giving the impression that they're covered in urine.Gumball has accidentally taken Alan's bag, which contains just a string.The initial attempts to correct this come off as even more lecherous, including a Wolf Whistle and drawn out "Nice" That just went from 'uncomfortable' to 'unacceptable'.Is my heart still beating?I know this is inappropriate, but I just need to warm." The Bumpkin When a wasp appears, Gumball hides himself from it in Nicole's skirt.The Picnic Gumball spends the episode's second half butt naked again (due to Darwin zanies chicago promo code eating his clothes out of starvation).
The "whiskers however, make it also look like a scrotum.
This could just be in reference to his badly drawn body structure, but also calls attention to how his shorts, despite the aforementioned tightness, have no visible bulge.

When Gumball holds back on attacking the final boss, he explains that "I don't know where its tentacles have been".However, the scene was entirely cut in Latin America and Brazil.Robinson past, they find one picture where she happily sits on a boat as her brother drowns and another where she's standing outside Elmore Junior High as it burns down and Hank and another lego man are called to put out the blaze.Go back to your flat country and stop ruining our economy!".A single man then enters the scene but is accompanied with a bunch of disembodied voices, the implication of this being the shareholders are talking sperm.From a cowboy." and Darwin wisely avoids inquiring further.The Imagine Spot cuts off as Gumball says "And so the Duke arrives in person on horseback, and he's like, ripped, and he-" before Darwin cuts him off.In the scenes immediately following: Another diagram shows an organ transplant simply involves shoving your hand into his body and pulling the organ out.The Egg Gumball wears Pimp Duds because he misheard Nicole's order to wear something respectable as "to wear something that commands respect." He even does a pimp strut before Nicole orders him to stop.(other workers agree) Gumball: Definitely not the mall!
Pantsbully nearly calls Nicole a "dumb bitch" at the beginning after she jumps on his car.
Looking down from your high horse, making everyone feel like- (episode ends) The Origins (parts one and two) It looks like Richard and Nicole both got the idea to get Gumball a pet, but when they both say their idea, Richard says his.