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6 February 1884 : The Cambridge Review (p.
In the evening he delivered The Aims of Art' at a meeting - mostly of ladies and gentlemen' -sponsored by the Dublin Branch of the SL at the Molesworth Hall, Dublin.25 December 1870 : In the copy of The Earthly Paradise that he gave his daughters, Morris wrote the poem beginning So many stories written here.' 1871 : In the census Morris was described as an Artist and Painter, employing 18 men and boys.' Morris.Morris wrote to arrar, headmaster of Marlborough College, about a stained glass window for the school's chapel.Further evidence of Rossetti's paranoia occurred when he wrote to Fanny Cranforth Now do buy a sixpenny seal.Morris gave Buxton-Forman a copy of Philemon Holland's translation of Pliny.Morris wrote to Cormell Price from the Water House, Walthamstow, including the text of his poem Kisses.
January 1871 : A review of The Earthly Paradise, by ox, appeared in the Edinburgh Review, Volume cxxxiii,.

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Morris wrote to his mother saying one of his friends was very ill, indeed we thought him dying on Sunday'.Spring/Summer 1857 : Morris saw Keen at the Princess Theatrein Shakespeare's Richard.27 February 1887 : Morris gave an open-air speech for the Hammersmith Branch of the SL at Beadon Road, Hammersmith.It is probable, from evidence in a letter Morris wrote to Jenny on, that the lecture at the Irish National League Rooms actually took place on, and was the same one referred to as taking place in the Surrey Rooms.Summer 1853 : Morris spent the long vacation visting a number of English churches.Morris responded to the police harassment by publishing an article entitled Free Speech in the Streets' in Commonweal.

4 November 1885 : Morris had just finished reading Francis Marion Crawford's Mr Isaacs, A Tale of Modern India (1882 which I found despairingly dull.' At the time his foot was so swollen with gout that he could not put on his shoe.
These are in their way as important as the more majestic buildings to which all the world makes pilgrimage.' 1840 : The Morris family moved to Woodford Hall in Essex which they rented for 600 a year.