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It's just a small quiet town where everyone knows everybody.
Yong Tau Fu, a popular Chinese dish made out of tofu (bean curd) stuffed with minced meat and served contractor rewards redeem with noodles it is said to be of excellent quality here as it is made out of the gmc manufacturer rebates water from the surrounding hills.
Capsule 1 is designed with full glass panels while Capsule 2 is designed with half glass panels for couples that would like more privacy.There is wifi as well, but it gets weaker the further away you stay from the main cottage.Overall I think I more or less enjoyed the stay at the Time Capsule Retreat. This is room 1, which has a glass panel that allows you to be surrounded by nature! Both the retreat and Sungai Lembing has been on my mind ever since then.This link has expired.Website: m Advertisements Related Categories: Asia, Budget, Hotels and Resorts, Malaysia, Pahang, Southeast Asia, Themed My Malaysia: A Day of Food at the Old Johor Bahru Town My Malaysia: Sungai Lembings Rainbow Waterfall.Family fun at the Time Capsule Retreat. But, as Ive mentioned above the rooms are small, so this would be a main factor to take into consideration if you are thinking about staying at the retreat.

There are also rooms available in the main wooden house.The room is in a container that has been modified with full-length glass windows and a sliding door.At the End of the Day I liked the unique concept of the Time Capsule Retreat.Ltd., All Rights Reserved.Oh, and dont forget to bring lots and lots of mosquito repellent. While I do like this concept, the room is so small.When it was night time, the guests that were lucky enough to get a room had so much fun playing shadow games at the capsule rooms because the curtains were so sheer!There are two code promo canal plus types of capsule rooms.There will be mosquitoes but not during the night time.The only problem, the mosquitoes!

Under their control, the town flourished for about a hundred years; and was known as the.
 The two rooms within the Parallel Aurora might be ok if you are a family with 1 one or two small children; but might be too small for two couples travelling together.
The owner, Mrs Young is very helpful friendly too.