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And it's also been the guiding principle behind fly babee discount code the founding of mtg you win the game cards the Huffington Post and what we try to do with the site every day.
Why is this such a game changer?
Nothing replaces being in the same room, face-to-face, breathing the same air and reading and feeling each other's micro-expressions.
Putting real flesh and blood on the reality of what is happening in America, illustrating the truth by showing how it's manifesting in the lives and stories of real people - there is nothing more powerful and engaging.In fact, telling purposeful stories to win has been the "the secret sauce" behind my career success.The businesses that realize their potential are the ones that figure out how to tell their stories well.Its both an engaging read and a great practical guide on how to listen, prepare and marshal facts to tell the right kind of story to the right audience.Use state of the heart technology online and offline to turn listeners into viral advocates and customers into raving fans).He explained that we subconsciously pick up on them when we're in the room and both the mind and the heart recognize these signals.Financial Times, guber throws off ideas the way a storm hurls bolts at the prairiea surprisingly self-aware tour.Muhammad Yunus, Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, author. The central concept is powerful.
Al Ries, co-author of, positioning and, war in the Boardroom, exceptionally well done If your goal is making z discount furniture a difference, this is a book youll want to own.

Tell to Win, connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story.Publishers Weekly Excellent adviceGuber is always entertaining and the book never flags, even while offering some of the soundest and most practical tips you will get from any business book this year. It gives you the two keys to success first, everything starts with a good story, and second, dont drop names (actually Frank Sinatra told me that).Build your "Tell" around what's in it for them.Your "tell" renders an experience to your audience, making the information inside the story memorable, resonant and actionable.The seminal elements of what makes a story great - challenge, struggle, resolution - are the same whether we're talking about story content for a movie such.Drive and, a Whole New Mind, with this books fresh and helpful insight into how the best stories are crafted and delivered, you too, like Peter Guber, can become a storytelling virtuoso.Wonderfulpacked with stories that make the point that whatever youre trying to do in life, its vital to be able to tell a good story.

At one of the narrative conclaves I hosted at my home, Michael Wesch, the Kansas State University cultural anthropologist, described that there are over 4,000 of these micro-expressions including pauses, eye contact, body language and gestures that we make in the room.
 It reads like a novel, entertains like a movie, and yet manages to hammer home a message everybody should take to heart.