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T mobile visa gift card balance

Online or over the phone If you decide to purchase your new phone or tablet online or over the phone (instead of in-store you'll need to complete the activation and bang salon promo code port-in, as well as initiate the trade-in with your new device order prior to submitting.
Fill out the appropriate rebate section and click search.
(The supposed explanation was that both phones had to be on a payment plan; we had one on the payment plan, and bought one right out.It can take up to 8 weeks to process your rebate.T-Mobile Rebates Status page.My rebate was lost, stolen or sent to the wrong address.T-Mobile Rebates page, please make sure that: You're entering your T-Mobile phone number, T-Mobile account PIN, and promotional code correctly.On the Trade-In requirement eligibility rules page, click continue.You can do so online, over the phone and through the mail.If you never received the SMS, or if you did but accidentally deleted it, you can still get your virtual card info by following these steps: Go.If you don't see the message, you can access your prepaid virtual card information by checking your submission status page.The device you're trading in must be the one on the device financing agreement from your previous carrier.The amount paid will be equal to the ETF amount your previous carrier charges for the type of device.Device Financing reimbursements Here are some important things to know about device financing reimbursements: After submitting for reimbursement, you should know within 5-10 minutes if your submission was successful.When you buy a new device in-store, you have the option of doing an instant trade-in right then and there at the time of purchase OR you can defer your trade-in for a later time.No claims of affiliation are made about the stores on this site.I wonder how many people are promised rebates, but never get them?

Port in your number, you'll need to port in (transfer) your number from any.S.Submit proof of balance (limit 650 per individual) 90 days with carrier within 30 days of port-in and be active and in good standing when processed; allow up to 8 weeks.There is a fee for T-Mobile sending your history of transactions and balance.The device must be able to power.Additionally, you can write and request your balance and history of transactions.Prepaid virtual cards are sent via text message typically within 24-48 hours after the Day 25 date.Enter in the 10-digit mobile number you want to check.Not included in reimbursements: taxes on device financing and any current or past due monthly service charges.
Keep in mind all rebates can take up to 8 weeks from the time of receipt.
Up to 5 lines; must be activated in same market with same billing address.

Payments consistent of (1) credit for device trade-in and (2) prepaid MasterCard Card in amount of carriers Early Termination Fee or remaining device balance, including lease purchase option if applicable, minus trade-in credit (expires in 12 months).
If you're submitting for an Early Termination Fee Reimbursement, you can Choose Prepaid Card by Mail.