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Army buttons for Generals/Staff, Infantry, Artillery and general service pattern, all with mixed period back marks USA.
In brass with lugs.
In woven yellow on marine blue rayon.Blue and grey ribbon with period wrap brooch fixing.Complimenting the tunic, a pair of medium blue finely tailored best quality broadcloth trousers with belted adjuster to the rear and two jetted back pockets.On July 22 1875 Plimsoll created a scene in the House of Commons with his protest against the obstruction of the ship owning members of the House and refused to withdraw.In September 1940 the 18-pdrs were used to equip the newly formed 5th Field Battery, Royal Artillery, Burma Auxiliary Force, remaining as part of the Field Brigade.
Code 526 Rare, and in good condition WW2 Propaganda Leaflet - Roosevelt hat Euch gewarnt!

Ultimately, a 5th epoch was added, "Custer's Last Stand at the end of which Cody entered and circled the arena on a horse, while "Too Late!" was projected onto the cyclorama.Black Elk recalled Queen Victoria speaking respectfully to the indigenous performers and their families later in his Black Elk Speaks, but Victoria describes them in their roles in "The Drama of Civilisation" as "rather alarming looking, with cruel faces." Among the dancers and a young.Independence Medal, Police Issue 26th January 1950 Independence Medal as awarded to Police Generally Very Fine condition India.Each hard bound volume 8 3/4 inches by 10 1/2 inches, contains over 850 pages with thousands of biographies and photographs.Mounted on black wool cloth France.In very good condition The Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry) Headdress Badge Somerset Light Infantry headdress badge In very good condition The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) Headdress Badge The Royal West Kent Regiment headdress badge.1939-45 War Merit Cross with Swords War Merit Cross with swords.Imperial Military lighted christmas gift boxes Officials Epaulettes Imperial German Military Official Box Dress Epaulettes.The sleeves are decorated with black braid in the form of a large chevron pattern byron burger discount 2017 and to the back an intricate pattern in fine black interwoven braid enclosed within broader black braiding which follows the back seams.Printed in New York USA 1943.
To the interior a 50cm tan coloured sweat band and white silk lining with a gold embossed outfitters stamping to crown.
Japanese Sake Flask and Cup from a veteran of Aircraft Regiment.