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I would like to be more tana mongeau merch discount code active in getting the gospel to people in other lands.
I can make profound and difficult Christian principles seem relatively easy to learn.
I feel welcome and a part of a group where Christians speak in tongues.It is enjoyable to motivate people to a higher spiritual commitment.This site is designed as a tool to help you discern the spiritual gifts God has given you.It seems important to share the truth of God's Word even if it irritates others.Introduction: God has blessed each born again Christian with one or more.I have prayed for others and physical healing has actually occurred.God regularly seems to do impossible things through my life.What do others tell you?I possess an unusual capacity to understand the feelings of those in distress.What has been your experience?I explain God's Word in such a way that others understand.Others tell me I sacrifice much materially in order to minister.God uses me to miraculously change circumstances that are obviously beyond human intervention.

If in doubt, then respond with.I enjoy learning and speaking foreign languages and eating foods from other cultures if it creates a bridge to share Christ.I am usually able to analyze a situation correctly.If you consider yourself to be a new Christian, then your responses should be based on how well each statement describes the desire of your heart (even if you have not yet done what the statement talks about).I have a strong desire to oversee or contribute to the establishment of new churches.I seem to have more confidence than others that God can accomplish the impossible.Others can point to specific instances where my prayers have resulted in visible miracles.

Please keep in mind that this test was written by people, not by God, and as such it is certainly not perfect.
When I join a group, others seem to back off and expect me to take the leadership.