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Sphere Modules Modules are used in Web.
If the document fails to verify your enrollment, we will suspend your account and contact you for another proof of verification.
Use Cases Open University System Student Must be able to follow courses of his/her choice on the university of his/her choice University Must allow students to follow courses (administration) Bank Enables payments for external registrations Teacher Evaluates examinations for courses from students Examinations Committee Evaluates.Sphere Implementation Technologies bpel (Business Process Execution Language) XML-based language Business Processes Orchestration/Choreography Java Human tasks Business rules Contains rules which are deduced from company policy or legal regulation Information System has to respect these rules.Id (integer) : 1 Course.It would only take a few students, who illegally share their material with others, to discourage instructors from ever producing any more content.Student SOA Lab Exercise Independent Part Generator/Collector Enables instructor to test a system Automated generation of test-cases Manual input of test-cases Collection of system output Student-System I/O Logger Enables logging of input, output and intermediate output Execution Trace Logger Retrieves and parses CEI-events.Name (string) : Course.System I/O Logger jdbc Adapter.IBM Websphere Products WID Concepts SCA Implementation Technologies bpel Human Task Interface Common Data Model SDO Adapters Modules CEI.Sphere Modules Java Application Human Task bpel Business Process Business State Machine Business Rules Image: courtesy IBM All components (e.Sphere Service Data Object (SDO) Technology that allows heterogeneous data to be accessed in a uniform way Java library Use of common data model in Java Data.Data : http: /ouslib : 3 : output.Supply Chain Management System Architecture Warehouse Service Router Factory Service Broker.Sphere Process Server Web.Warehouses have inventories which hold products Warehouses keep their inventories replenished Service broker provides list of suppliers for a given product.
SOA Example Service 5 Service 2 Service 6 Service 1 Service 3 Service 7 Advantage SOA Loose Coupling Service.
Name (string) : student Test.

If you are unable to verify your enrollment, we will charge you the difference for the full priced product.Demonstration Testing OUS using Student SOA Lab Manual testing Student 1 wants to follow course 10 at university 3 Student 8 wants to follow course 16 at university 3 Automatic test generation Generate 3 test cases: Student can be student 1 to 10 Course can.Sphere Human Task To-do task Invocation task Three types of tasks To-do task (service to human) (visual editor) Invocation task (human to service) (visual editor) Collaboration qdoba promo code task (human to human) (API) Two types of collaboration tasks Subtasks, follow-on tasks Escalations, three kinds of escalation Ready.Sphere Adapters SAP Adapter Adapters enable integration with other systems and technologies SAP, Siebel, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, jdbc, ilog Email, file system.Id (integer) : 8 Course.Partner (string) : Student.
Open University System Context Components Central Register Retrieve students Retrieve universities Retrieve courses Retrieve prior knowledge Retrieve courses offered by a given university Log external registration Log fulfilled payment Retrieval interactions are logged.