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Sentence of give away

Princess Mary as she sat listening to the old men's talk and faultfinding, understood nothing of what she heard; she only wondered whether the guests had all observed her did star wars win any awards father's hostile attitude toward her.
She pushed the little dog off her lap and smoothed her dress.
Vote on House Resolution 1650 to create a Special Investigative Committee Long, Ray Rick Pearson (December 16, 2008).She could understand nothing, think of nothing and feel nothing, except passionate love for her father, love such as she thought she had never felt till that moment.Her little girls are named Violet and May.That day Countess Helene had a reception at her house.The little princess had grown stouter during this time, but her eyes and her short, downy, smiling lip lifted when she began to speak just as merrily and prettily as ever.Her mind works so rapidly, that it often happens, that when I give her an example she will give me the correct answer before I have time to write out the question.I will speak to her when I have your consent.At one end of the table sat the countess with Marya Dmitrievna on her right and Anna Mikhaylovna on her left, the other lady visitors were farther down.
Anna Mikhaylovna, practical woman that she was, had even managed by favor with army authorities to secure advantageous means of communication for herself and her son.
Senate would be "forced to exercise its Constitutional authority under Article I, Section 5, to determine whether such a person should be seated".

127 After a recess, the Senate debated the vote on the article of impeachment.Helen didn't come up to my room after supper, and I didn't see her again until breakfast-time.126 Blagojevich did not remain in the Statehouse for the prosecution's rebuttal speech or the vote on his impeachment.She was delighted, and showed her pleasure by hugging and kissing the little fellow, which embarrassed him very much.She finished her game of patience and only then examined the presents.Natasha was sad and irritable all that time, especially dirty looks discount when her mother, her brother, Sonya, or Countess Mary in their efforts to console her tried to excuse Pierre and suggested reasons for his delay in returning.British Dictionary definitions for give give verb gives, giving, gave (ev) or given (vn) (mainly tr) (also intr) to present or deliver voluntarily (something that is one's own) to the permanent possession of another or others (often foll by for) to transfer (something that.This morning I would not let her put her hand in my plate.Prince Andrew followed her with a courteous but sad expression.
Away (in another direction) via avv, he walked away after he saw the price.