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Savage model 111 long range hunter 300 win mag

savage model 111 long range hunter 300 win mag

Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter is equally at home in big-game hunting and long-range shooting applications.
Riflemen attempting to select a do-all rifle for both target practice and for hunting North American game will likely find it to be a worthy out-of-the-box option.
In testing, turning the brake on and off did not affect the rifles point of impact.
Bolt Release Type, bottom, caliber.5 creedmoor, magazine Capacity 2-4 Rounds.Regardless, the Long Range Hunter was capable of five-shot, 1" groups at 100 yds.A slender 9" tongue runs most of the length of the fore-end to give it rigidity so that its impervious to fore-end pressure.Attached to the action is Savages renowned AccuTrigger.This entire system does away with meticulous hand bedding because the barreled action and the aluminum chassis to which it is mated are precision-machined, so bedding is consistent and repeatable via the action screws.Accuracy potential make it a real value at the rifles suggested retail price of 1,171.The barrel on the Long Range Hunter features 24" of rifled bore capped by a 2"-long adjustable muzzle brake.Long Range Hunter comes pat tillman run discount code standard with an adjustable muzzle brake.The.5 mm-284s barrel is rifled with a 1:8" twist and, although listed as 26" long, actually has 24" of rifled bore to which the 2" brake is attached.Receiver Material, carbon Steel, type, centerfire, stock Color.With a simple quarter twist, the shooter can choose whether to allow the gases to pass through the brake or not, effectively turning it on or off.The Long Range Hunter wears a soft-to-the-touch composite AccuStock to which its barreled action is attached.
The only complaint generated throughout testing was the significant force required to work the bolt after firing several types.5 mm-284 ammunition.

The Model 111 Long Range Hunters AccuStock makes use of a monolithic, milled-aluminum chassis (inset) that is epoxied in place to provide consistent and repeatable bedding.To.338 Lapua Mag., the subject of this review is a Long Range Hunter chambered.5 mm-284 Normaa cartridge chosen for both its utilitarian appeal and long-range accuracy.The knurled, round knob of the bolt handle is equally suitable for target shooting and hunting scenarios.The aluminum chassis is epoxied into the stock so it will not budge.Another factor is its bedding system; one recoil lug is sandwiched between the barrel nut and the receiver to provide a recoil block into which the action is mated with the stock.Turned clockwise, the ports in the sleeve do not align with the barrels ports, and therefore gases from the fired cartridge are forced out of the barrel normally.
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