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Dickson 's Childe Cycle has several worlds hire mercenaries out as part of the interstellar market.
Since many Traveller characters have a military background, they telstra moving home promo code often find themselves doing mercenary work.Use discount code suny at checkout to hackney half discount code 2017 receive savings.The armies of the Mega Corps are technically PMCs, but since corporations are the closest thing to governments left in that universe, they function more like national armies.But they also are implied to have a vast history like the White Company did in real life in fighting in many conflicts across European History, along other numerous RL merc groups if Ganabatis pov is perth bedding discounters wangara anything to.Shopping Apparel and Gifts Employees, Students, Retirees, Alumni, Affiliates The Scott Resort Spa The Scott Resort Spa offers an upscale and luxurious downtown location that is paired perfectly with the casual sophistication of a desert vacation.There's also Kincaid, who is a lone gunman for hire who spends most of his time protecting the Archive but is willing to do side jobs if the pay is right.Transportation and Automotive Employees, Students, Retirees, Alumni, Affiliates MightySkins Mighty Skins is proud to offer discounts to students and educators.
One such T-Doll is Springfield, who are both domestic servants/housewives in the civilian sector and riflemen for GnK, using Springfield bolt-action rifles.

Berserk has mercenaries as its primary characters, with its lead character Guts having been trained as one from childhood.Splinter Cell had a few: Armed Guardian Services (argus Shetland's Displace International, and Conviction added the Black Arrow company.Lord Commander Staffa Kar Therma's Companions.This was actually encouraged by the British as every young Irish male with military skills remaining in Ireland was a potential rebel!In fiction, though, they tend to get all the latest and most expensive vehicles and support equipment as well, and are often recruited and trained by the company itself.In The Girl from the Miracles District, there's the Order of Shadows, for which the main character works.Proof of suny relationship may be requested.The means by which they were able to procure a sizable number of for-the-time modern warplanes is noteworthy.MAG focuses on an all-out war between three mega-PMCs (each of which have replaced government armies - they've been downgraded to little more than a glorified National Guard).Travel Leisure and Hobbies Employees m 10 off all purchases from this online retailer of car and truck parts and accessories; use offer code suny10OFF at checkout.
The Silver Daggers' charter was guaranteed to last in perpetuity due to a boon posthumously granted to their original captain by Maryn I, so instead a law was passed banning all other mercenary units, and prohibiting the Silver Daggers from acting as a single unit.
The seventh season of 24 (as well as the TV-movie prequel 24: Redemption ) has the Starkwood corporation, who, among other things, give weapons to genocidal African rebels in exchange for permission to use innocent villagers for weapons testing and plan attacks on American soil.