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Design and Implementation of Intersection Movement Assistant Applications using V2V Communications (Hyun-Soo Seo, Chang-Jin Lee, Dong-Gyu Noh and Sang-Sun Lee).1507-1516.
PDF Development of Wireless Device for Controlling the Ship Lift Crane (Heon Jeong, Jaehyo Kim and Sang-Hyun Lee).3199-3206.
A Scoring Function of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets with Double Parameters and Its Application to Multiple Attribute Decision Making (Zhenhua Zhang, Jingyu Yang, Youpei Ye, Yong Hu and Qiansheng Zhang).4443-4450.PDF Development of an Around-View Monitoring System Using USB Rear View Cameras and Image Processing (Gyu-Hyun Kim and Jong-Wook Jang).2401-2406.PDF Construction of Port Logistics Security System based on the Information Security Management System (Jae-Hoon Sim and Gyusung Cho).1549-1556.Salem) A Method of Intelligent Search to Answer Queries in Relational Databases (Ashit Kumar Dutta, Ranjit Biswas and Abdul Quaiyum Ansari) Human and Social Sciences Estimation of Cooperation Behaviors - Six Categories from Experimental Data - (Hideki Fujiyama) Agriculture and Engineering Database for Evaluating Extracted.PDF Urban Development and Planning in North Cyprus (In the context of Local, National and International Factors) (Deniz Iscioglu and Rusen Keles).343-360.A Comparative Analysis of the Interrogation of Volitional Forms in Japanese and Korean (Moon, Changhak).2211-2224.PDF Finding Optimal Controller Parameters of HP and phev for Frequency Control in an Isolated Small Power System Using a Neural Network Model (Kaewarin Jandum and Kreangsak Tamee).3009-3016.PDF Stochastic Design Tool based on Extended State Diagram for Reactive Software System (So Young Moon, ByungKook Jeon,.Face Detection based on Skin Color Detection and Parallel Neural Network (Satoru Suzuki and Yasue Mitsukura).4853-4860.PDF Local Sport Development Strategy through Sport Development Model and tows Matrix (Namsu Kim).1209-1214.An Agent-Based Hybrid Medical Complex System (Barna Iantovics).3709-3726.PDF Medicine and Life Sciences Study on Satisfaction of Clinical Practice of Nursing Students (Minsun Song and Namyoung Yang).219-228.Adaptive Genetic Algorithm to Multi-stage Reverse Logistics Network Design for Product Resale (YoungSu Yun, Mitsuo Gen and ReaKook Hwang).6117-6138.

Design of an Iterative Learning Controller for Nonlinear Systems with Time-varying Using ANN and GA (Hun Oh, Hyun Seob Cho and In Ho Ryu).1437-1446.PDF Spectro-Temporal Masking of Sine Sweep Signal for Room Transfer Function Measurement in Noisy Environments (Deokgyu Yun and Seung Ho Choi).3693-3700.PDF Determining the Relative Importance of Factors Affecting Social Responsibility: Focusing on the Korea Young Talent Award Winners (Hyosun Kim and Jang Wan Ko).5849-5856.A Novel Image Completion Method based on Texture Segmentation (Minqin Wang).4551-4556.Examining Analysis of Operating Income : From the Perspective of Marketing discount western jewelry (Jun Oheki).4727-4736.PDF Comprehensive Assessment of a Higher Education Institution Teacher's Intellectual Capital (Budovich Lidia Sergeevna and Nadtochy Yuliya Borisovna).1971-1988.

PDF The Effective Learning Strategies through the Analysis of Computer Learners' Problem-Solving Skills (Sungock Lee, Hangil Jung and Hoekyung Jung).3047-3054.
PDF The Effects of Values of Sports of Participants in Sports in Daily Life on Motivation of Sports Participation and Exercise Satisfaction (Kim, Sung Kue, Kim Min Jun and Yoo, Jung In).6907-6916.
A Look-up Table based Binary GCD for Fast Modular Inversion (Tsutomu Ishida, Tomoyuki Nagase and Yoshio Yoshioka).2901-2910.