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Regal movie theater discount days

regal movie theater discount days

My wife and I have both been using MoviePass for a while and its worked great. .
Updated on, there are a lot of discount furniture utica ny different ways to save money in my sweet petunia coupon code life, but it usually boils down to one of three different ways to reduce costs.Over 89 Regal locations are now fitted with fully fledged imax screens, with many of them offering free shipping etsy coupon code 2013 a 3D experience on top. Even though they overbook the theater to ensure they meet capacity, the number of passes given out is still limited.Regardless of how much you are typically spending on movie tickets, check if there are loyalty programs at your favorite theaters and look out for free movie screenings in your area.Originally, MoviePass was charging 30-50 per month which only made sense for very frequent movie goers. . They might not work in certain states or for certain movies depending on which chain you purchase them for.
Were sure youre no stranger to imax, and if you are, were going to convince you to change your ways.
Keep in mind, even buying them with the surcharge is likely cheaper than buying tickets without a discount from the box office.

The tickets themselves are physical AMC Yellow Tickets that can be redeemed at the box office for the movie of your choice.While these bulk tickets generally work for any regular movie (even opening weekend be sure to read the restrictions that apply. The best part is being able to sign up for notifications when a new screening is announced in your area.Adults.50 -.50, seniors (ages 60).00 -.00.By that time of his death, there were over 90 Edwards cinemas in the country, boasting well over 500 screens. Once again, even buying them with the surcharge is probably a better deal than just going to the box office.Youve likely heard of Costco, and if you havent, one of their main incentives to shop there is to buy in bulk and save. Once again, you can purchase these tickets online without a Sams Club membership, but there will be a 10 surcharge added to the cost.Works at almost any theater in the nation (see website for exact list) Regular 2D movies only (no 3D, imax, or other special screens) Can only purchase a ticket the day of the showing Must be physically at the theater to purchase a ticket Link.Before the world even knew about 4k resolution, Regal had already signed a deal with Sony to equip every single one of its locations with 4k digital projectors over the next five years starting from 2009. If you frequent either Regal Cinemas or AMC, joining is a no-brainer because its completely free.
This surcharge can be avoided by registering your guest account with a CA address (you dont have to ship them to California!).

Deciding when to arrive can be rather difficult, but it is important if you want to actually get into the theater as they let most people with passes in on a first-come first-serve basis.