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Redstone gift card

redstone gift card

The amount of the desenio discount code march 2018 hold in these circumstances may be in an amount estimated to cover the tax rebate on bonus goods or service.
A car rental company may ask that a hold be placed on a gift card if the gift card is provided to the company in conjunction with prepayment for a rented car.Reduction of Card Balance, remember that the initial available balance on your gift card will be an amount set at the time of activation and/or purchase.Show Details Exclusions, details: Explore your savings here.Use of your gift card will be facilitated by the following twenty tips on use.Inquiries Remember that if you have questions about your gift card, you can contact.Your gift card is not subject to replacement if it is lost, stolen or damaged.Impress a client, treat a friend, thank a hostess.It is not a credit card, a debit card, asset account, or a deposit account.Click on the title to reveal the tip.Redstone Gift Card Starting.The deactivation date is not an expiration date on the gift card balance.During that time period, the gift card owner will not be able to use the amount that was placed on hold even if the estimated amount exceeds the actual cost of the goods or service.If you wish to use the card to make a purchase that exceeds the available balance on the gift card, you must combine the use of the card with another acceptable form of payment such as cash, check or another payment card.Thereafter, the available balance will be reduced by each authorized use of the card or as otherwise provided in the terms and conditions except as prohibited by law.You cannot use the gift card at other merchants.See Tip 6 above.

Your gift card is usable only to make in-store purchases at participating and authorized Redstone American Grill locations.For information on these terms and conditions, see.If the available balance is sufficient, a hold may be placed for several days on the available balance in the amount of the estimated cost of the goods or services.A memorable meal at Redstone is the ideal gift for almost anyone on your list."Card Not Present Purchases remember that your gift card is not usable to make card not present purchases.Balance Limit, remember that your gift card is redeemable only up to the available balance of the card.Therefore, in requesting authorization, the establishment likely will add an estimated amount to the price of the meal or service to cover a gratuity.Goods, Services, Cash, remember that your gift card is redeemable only to purchase goods and/or services.If you use your gift card to pay for a meal or service at such establishments, the establishment will request authorization to accept the gift card.Your Redstone American Grill Gift Card.
If you have problems in obtaining a replacement gift card after deactivation, please contact.
Deactivation Remember that after the passage of time which should be more than two years, your gift card may be subject to a deactivation date under which the gift card will be deactivated from immediate use at a cash register.