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Random gift ideas

Who is your favorite author/actor/actress?
Give someone a gift card that you dont intend to use.Why not consider making a homemade gift basket containing the food items that your favorite older woman loves?Show answer the beaver What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?Most women dont care about how much flowers cost.What one thing personal item, excluding remington 700 sps 300 win mag stainless pets and family, would you most want to save if your house caught fire?Do your follow your horoscope?30 Days of Random Acts of Kindness for Kids 30 Small Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Day 200 Best Random Acts of Kindness Ideas 30 Small Acts of Kindness free goodies straight to your inbox.What food did you hate as a child but enjoy now?Would you take a trip to a foreign country alone?
Show answer Harvey Wall Banger Which color starts first in chess?
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Hold open the doors for people.The truth is that everyone, especially women over 60, secretly love to receive thoughtful surprises and gifts.Who gave it to you?Participate in Pack-A-Backpack for a child.Show answer Captain Nemo We hope you enjoy using our lists of random trivia questions, random questions to ask a girl, and random questions to ask a boy.Pay for someones dry cleaning.What would others say you own too many of?What do you consider the best part of your day?What characteristics makes a person successful?Feed the birds in the park.
What is your favorite mode of transportation?
So, if youre stuck for 60th birthday gift ideas for women, here are a few to consider, based on our experience with the 500,000 women in our Sixty and Me community.

After three years of doing gentle yoga, I feel like a different person.
Show answer Red, yellow, and blue What are vegetables shredded or sliced lengthways called?
Which activity could you do all day and still enjoy?