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Rabbit gift box

If you allow other small animals to enjoy the contents of your BinxBox, please research any potential complications beforehand.).
1 treat pouch of dried fruit or baked goods 1 treat pouch of delicious herbs 3-4 toys, chews, /or supplies, packed with high-quality Timothy hay to entice your furry friends even more (BinxBox contents packaging may be suitable for other small animals like guinea pigs.Multi-Purpose Packaging, binxBoxes are shipped in a bun-edible corrugated cardboard box, sized to fit most bunnies if they want to use it as a napping spot, or to build the bunny castle we know they deserve.Click here, you ordered a sample with these features.While bunny diets should be kept low in sugar, dried fruits are great for occasional treats or rewards while training.2018 Happy Bunny Club Limited Registered in England and Wales Company.Every box packed with high-quality, second-cut Timothy hay, so your bunny will know it's just for them.Delicious Dried Fruits, Herbs Other Plants.BinxBox is a rabbit subscription service the goal to help house rabbits stay happy, healthy, safe by bringing treats, toys, supplies that are well-researched, quality-tested, worry-free.Once you have paid for your samples we will issue a discount code for each sample (not including the cost of the postage delta vacations promo code 2017 but for the amount you pay for each sample you buy, regardless of what your final order is) which you will.Did you know, that in some pet stores nearly half of the products sold as safe for rabbits are actually harmful to them?Each month we feature, and send goodies to an organisation that is helping bunnies, as well as sponsoring competitions, donating prizes, and helping as much as possible throughout the year.

The samples do not include tag 1 small piece of ribbon in the colour you chose (if applies).Exchange your discount code at checkout in your next purchase, as shown in the image below.Lots of our club members also post fantastic unboxing videos.Price.00, the price of the samples will be deducted from your next purchase.YouTube, so you can see exactly why being in the Happy Bunny Club is so much fun!You ordered too many samples, maximum 5 samples per order.The money you spend on your samples now will be compensated in your next order.Your rabbits will love sampling the snacks we send you, which can include papaya, blueberries, dandelion, lavender or other tasty surprises.Order samples, it includes 1 box, the colour of the sample depends on colour availability (tag not included) 1 small piece of cardboard in the colour you chose.

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We are sure you are going to love them!