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Yakko: We'd love to, really, but the FOX censors won't allow.
Very Special Episode : "The Little Drummer Warners" has Yakko, Wakko, and Dot go back in time to first-century Bethlehem to witness the birth of the baby Jesus (religion always a controversial subject for kids' cartoons, for various reasons).
They have been used as teaching material, and there is even testimony of them aiding history students as far as college-level.
Right Behind Me : In one episode the Warners proceeded to trash talk the people working on the show note including their own voice actors as the credits rolled, not realizing that their microphone was still.Never Say "Die" : Averted.Every sketch opened with a new group of people (Hollywood actors, Confederate soldiers, people in a karate tournament, etc.) singing the praises of Boo-who, as a reminder, is a six-foot tall chicken with absolutely no anthropomorphic featureswho would then show up in the absolutely flimsiest.Other supporting cast members included.Sitting Sexy on a Piano : Dot, on occasion.Insistent Terminology : Whenever someone addresses the Warner brothers, Dot (or someone) will pipe in, "And the Warner sister." Also, "Call me 'Dottie and you die." Interspecies Romance : The Warner Brothers and Sister, from an ambiguous species, keep getting lustful for other species, especially.Mindy had "OK-I-love-you-bye-bye." The Brain had the running gags that started with "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" as well as a Cassandra Truth : "We are two lab mice engaged in the early stages of a plot to conquer the world." Also: "Stop that.You All Meet in a Cell : Rita and Runt first meet in the pound.Uranus Is Showing Vertigo Effect : Occasionally done with Buttons the moment Mindy escapes.555 : In "Moby or Not Moby Captain Ahab has a "Have You Seen This Whale?" sign asking people to call 555-harpoon."Go ahead, Brian." "That's Brain." Gasshole : Wakko, especially in the Great Wakkoroti shorts, where he basically plays the role of a concert vocalist using nothing but belches.(Both are cities in the Los Angeles Area.They had to bring Friz Freleng in to re-edit and condense them into a single short.It leads in with a comedic stretch where Slappy is driven mad by watching too many daytime talk shows (Jerry Springer etc.Hair-Trigger Sound Effect : One episode has the Warner siblings facing a terrifying troll, whose very mention is always accompanied by an organ sting.Captain Ersatz / Expy : The Warners are based heavily on The Marx Brothers, with bits and pieces from other characters: Dot shows roots from Gilda Radner, and Wakko shows influences from Ringo Starr.
Yakko: Those Looney Tunes lawyers at Warner Bros.
The opener begins pacquiao vs mayweather who will win with a subdued Yakko and Dot, talking about how the upcoming episode was a very special episode, and how it had special meaning to all of the cast, with both sounding very earnest.

Pin-Pulling Teeth : In "I Got Yer Can an Escalating War with Slappy Squirrel causes Candie Chipmunk to do this; terrifying a pair of nuns before blowing herself.Sticky Situation : In the Warners' 65th anniversary special, Daffy Duck recalls the Warners' first solo cartoon where they had flypaper stuck on their fannies, which he admitted, was funny for an animated short, but this went on for eight hours!The Topps trading card game reveals that Wakko's biggest fear is having a Potty Emergency.Recurring Extra : The Hip Hippos.In some pretty unusual cases, "Yakko's World" and "All the Words in the English Language" had the words crawl upwards one at a time (due to both being List Songs and "Wakko's America" and "The Presidents" used neither "bouncing ball" method, instead opting to highlight.Here at the Warner Brothers' new animation department, the artists toil endlessly to create new cartoon stars.Writing Around Trademarks : One story from the comics features a Godzilla Expy named Gigantasaurus.k.a.When Dot can't say her full name in "Cutie and The Beast Yakko says it, prompting another reference to "Yakko's World".Episode 82 consists entirely of episodes based around music: "Wakko's 2-Note Song "Panama Canal " Hello, Nurse!Detective Drama : "This Pun for Hire" and "Hercule Yakko".Bassett (one of Slappy's enemies) explains why dogs chase squirrels: Stinkbomb: It's our sworn duty to chase 'em, catch 'em and shake 'em like rag dolls!
Wakko : A happy postal worker.
Scratchansniff manages to convince the Warners to keep their lunacy under control so they can attend the banquet.

(The Warners win, but they blatantly cheat, and for some reason, Death fails to notice).
At the end, when AL begins humming "Hail to the Chief the Warners realize AL is really Al Gore.
Minerva won't give his geeky self the time of day, but she goes crazy for his moonlit self.