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Text Image Bura SNG Cop 142 Septimius Severus, AE24 of Bura, Achaia, Peloponnesos.
Text Image Orchomenus Mionnet II, 47 var Septimius Severus, AE22 of Orchomenus, Arkadia.
Text Image Markianopolis Moushmov 378 Septimius Severus, Pentassarion, Markianopolis.A cevhroc, laureate head right omnigraffle coupon code 2018 / nikopoli proc ictr, she-wolf standing right, looking left, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus.Text Image Caesarea Cappadocia Mionnet 118v Septimius Severus, AR drachm of Caesarea, Cappadocia.BMC 12; Imhoof FG 463.Cetmioc CE-oyhoc, laureate head right / (clockwise from top right) KAI KO AIA, HA below, tetrastyle temple with two side niches and crescent in pediment, baetyl in the centre and a standard on each side.
Mionnet II 432; Varbanov.

Text toyo rebate form 2017 Image Markianopolis Varbanov 865 Septimius Severus and Julia Domna, AE27 of Markianopolis, Moesia.(from top right) severvs pivs AVG, laureate head right / (from top left) GE-N COL CA-antioch, female deity standing left, holding branch and cornucopiae.Text Image Pautalia Ruzicka 273 Septimius Severus.Moushmov 383v; Varbanov 724/725 var.Text Image RIC 748* note Septimius Severus, Sestertius, Rome, AD 197-198.virt AVG TRP II COS I S-C, Virtus, helmeted, in military dress, standing left, holding Victory and vertical, reversed spear.Text Image Philippopolis Varbanov 1172 Septimius Severus, AE32 of Philippopolis Thrace.Text Image Laodikeia ad Mare Mionnet V, 771 Septimius Severus and Julia Domna AE 33 mm, Laodiceia ad Mare, Syria.BMC 24; SNG von Aulock 3179.CE ceoyhoc, laureate head right / mantinen, Dionysus standing left, resting arm on tree trunk, holding bunch of grapes, panther at foot left.Waddington 5178; Paris 1067.
Varbanov 1029 (this coin, obv.
Obv: A CEP cevho avph antwninoc, laureate busts of Septimius Severus and Caracalla facing each other / Rev: UPA ooui tertullou nikopo PRO C, around EUT-UXW C-toic kuriok, legend in four lines within wreath.