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I printed mine on a smooth matte white cardstock, using.Continue reading karrass promotional code to download, click the download link above to print your Easter Party Invitation Cards. .Just click the image of the gift tags below to download and print.You didnt spend hours knitting and purling and heroically rescuing dropped stitches so that your gifted handknit would meet its end in a washing machine.Free Printable gift labels that work for everything from.

If you answered yes, then good job spreading the knitting love! .So Ive decided to make it a tradition every Christmas to come up with a fun, free printable label set.Disclaimer: You should only use these labels if both you and your gift recipients have a sense of humor.Egg cartons can come in handy during easter as packaging for chocolate eggs or your decorated eggs.This left me compelled to share the few great ones I found that in fact do actually link to free pdf you can print. .Click this image to download the PDF file of the gift tags.No handknit deserves a horrible ending.And while you are at it why not start thinking about the packaging. .Cobberson CO, it's now the perfect time to start making any Christmas gifts you are planning. .So, this holiday season, make things easy on your friends and family by including a little care tag that explains how their new knitted something should be cared for.
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