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Polo red gift set amazon

This is a nice choice for me with dinner dates, outings with friends, and casual fun situations.
I absolutely love a good Texas red grapefruit.
Polo, red is a fragrance that I enjoy but not one that I like so well that I want to wear often.
Polo sells bottles in big 7 ish and 10 ounce versions.But usually going with a few extra sprays gets me to where I want to go and probably 50 of the time, if I wear this going out, I bring a decant.You can buy a big bottle and use more sprays; or perhaps you can dedicate a decant to sit by it on the shelf.For the person wanting a lighter scent that is office safe, sociable, and optimistic, this fragrance is fabulous.It does have a slight generic cologne feel to it but the blend is quality so the complaint is mild.Its honestly not filling as a meal but it doesn't leave you hungry either.And mind you, you can find nice smelling budget, that will last 10-12 hours and still sell for under 20 a bottle.Its sweet fruity and jolly on top and it has a quite nice woody base that few mention but is actually underrated in this fragrance maybe because that dry down arrives too quickly and leaves too soon.Ralph Lauren does not retire or discontinue fragrances quickly or without warning so I have less fear that this one will disappear than with many of my others.And it gets a couple of knocks for price.It would be difficult to imagine sillage ever being too loud with this fragrance short the ride nyc discount coupon of going with 20 sprays.The coffee hangs around with a pleasant aroma and the saffron gives it a bit of a kick.Though if I did get this down to 25, I would probably consider a purchase.Polo, red it was still "new" and I bought a big huge.8 ounce bottle to get my cost down to 15 an ounce and I have used about a third.
Certainly its light enough to be easily worn in summer, though for me, I prefer others when its hot.
Performance on this one is disappointing.

Polo, red excellent on scent and pulling out the red marker to knock it down on performance.Even the Intense version is still short of what I expect from a Designer fragrance performance category that lives 2 full neighborhoods closer to the country club than do budget scents.It has come down 33 in price over the last few years and today you can get a normal sized bottle at discounters for about the same 15 an ounce price point, or even a big 200 ml in the 10 per ounce range.Polo, red just travelled over to my offseason shelf.I once went to Dillards smiled at a favorite sales associate and she pulled some testers out of her secret stash and I sprayed the regular on the left hand the the Intense on the right and went to a movie.Polo, red is a scent that I like.And of course you can buy the intense version.I do not own a backup bottle of this and do not expect that I ever will.Overall, they were 95 similar in scent with the intense having a bit darker richer smell; and the intense version lasted maybe 90 minutes to 2 hours longer than my own.
You want designer to give you 8 hours and even with extra sprays you might find this one gives you 4-5 with enough skin scent to call.
It gives you a sweet cranberry, citrus fruity top and moves across its heart quickly to settle into a traditional woody and amber base.