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(D) Repeat monitoring for systems that exceed the asbestos MCL.
(iii) A public water supplier providing conventional filtration treatment or direct filtration and serving 10,000 how to use a fandango movie gift card or more people and using surface water or gudi sources shall, beginning January 1, 2002, conduct continuous monitoring of turbidity for each individual filter using an approved method under the EPA.
(10) Bag or cartridge filters (in series) Up.5-log credit based on the removal efficiency demonstrated during challenge testing with.5-log factor of safety.Source The provisions of this 109.406 adopted May 15, 1992, effective May 16, 1992,.(c) Treatment technique requirements for pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts.(2) If an individual filter demonstrates a condition under 109.701(e 2 iii the public water system shall notify the Department within 24 hours of the individual filter turbidity level exceedance, shall conduct a self-assessment of the filter within 14 days of the exceedance and shall report.Authority The provisions of this 109.710 amended under section 4 of the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act (35.S.(-c-) Systems serving from 10,000 to 49,999 people begin October 1, 2013.2661; corrected August 29, 2009, effective August 1, 2009,.
Check samples taken under subparagraph (ii) are not considered special purpose samples, and shall be used to determine compliance with the monitoring, MCL and treatment technique requirements for total coliforms and.

Coli -positive groundwater source sample is not related to source water quality.Authority The provisions of this 109.1303 amended under section 4(a) of the Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act (35.S.(iv) Transfer of development rights within the source water protection area to land outside of the source water protection area.Source The provisions of this 109.1 adopted September 2, 1971, effective September 3, 1971,.A gross alpha particle activity measurement may be substituted for the required radium-226 measurement provided that the measured gross alpha particle activity does not exceed 5 pCi/L.(E) A sample collection schedule.(iii) First-draw samples may be collected by the water supplier or the water supplier may allow residents to collect first-draw samples after instructing the residents of the sampling procedures specified in this paragraph.(7) Other relevant information the Department may require.Source The provisions of this 109.502 adopted December 7, 1984, effective December 8, 1984,.(vii) Number of oocysts occurred.
(2) If the Department receives no indication of interest in response to the notice for public hearing within 30 days, the Department may issue a notice cancelling the public hearing.

(iii) Invalidation of total coliform samples.
(ii) That experiences a breakdown in treatment shall notify the Department within 1 hour after the water system learns of the violation or the situation and provide public notice in accordance with  109.408 (relating to Tier 1 public noticecategories, timing and delivery of notice).