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My First Day in Heavy Drop Company - Sept 1972.
When he coupon code for american heart association left no one dared trying throwing him in the static water tank, I did see him again at the corps athletics (Travers Clarke) in Aldershot with his team from Kineton, they pulled us ragged.
Part of the Prairie Track resembled a scrap yard, 11 vehicles with axils bent, some platforms came down so hard the restraints and chains snapped, talk about automatic de rigging, expensive lesson.
Including the wraf's, but that's another story, we had all sorts of characters, good, bad and some plain crazy.The store owner came by, we offered to pay, but on seeing our weapons he decided not to bother.Usually went sightseeing, maybe take in a footy match / cinema, then returning late Sunday afternoon.We could see flares being fired by the ground safety crew aborting the drop, but it went ahead anyway, to top it all the Canalmeister got his timings wrong,.e.Anyway, early one Monday morning (6 am) we had to get into his store, the toolboxes were short of expense, the troops being troops checked everywhere for goodies (typical on looking in the desk drawers one lad found naturist magazines (Nudists) and some letters written.Eventually I told Doc Mary (The MO) I wanted to see an Osteopath, (Tex Roberts advised me to say that but could not parachute again due to a Ruptured Disc, (RAF decision the RAF surgeons sorted that out, maybe somebody was trying to tell.Claycart Bridge - Basingstoke Canal (Aldershot).Another time some of the lads were in Sharja on exercise, they'd sustained a few injuries parachuting onto what they'd thought was a soft DZ, however, later when Petit visited the lads in hospital he asked if there was anything they needed, so foolishly they.Later big Mick Priestly had Barney in his office reference Barney's little adventures, Mick started reading some of Barney's letters "I would like to be sat on the toilet and do this and that, Cpl Barnes your a Fuc*g lunatic, you should be locked up".Jim McConnachie was fond of the odd tipple now and then (well quite a lot actually he turned up on parade one day and as usual stood next to the flagpoles with a big cheesy grin on his face, Tom Currie the other Staff Sergeant.He was a good player and difficult to compete with, he dominated the T, if he said the ball was on or above the line, it was!, no argument.
The RAF had some strange rules on camp, big Mick got a call from the Station Warrant officer complaining about the troops walking on grassed area's, Mick was even confused, saying "Yes we play footy, rugby, cricket and everything else on grass, but we can't.

The final straw came when Roy (Pis*ed) was in the sticky bun bar waiting in line behind Hazel, he thought it would be fun to lick his index finger and put it where the sun doesn't shine, Hazel was surprised and Roy was posted.We had our vehicles parked close by, as I was trying (struggling) to get my bergen (backpack) out of one of the tenny's I accidentally knocked the handbrake off, well, I tried to re apply the handbrake but couldn't, the tenny was rolling downhill, Titch.Always save the best for last, Barney and his RAF neighbour decided to host a combined party/disco, the RAF lad's sister had a bit of a temper, so when gobbing off about.Bill never seemed to learn there's always someone bigger around, as when he was with P Company training staff, Bill upset the applecart until 6' 5" Scouse Deering (Para Regiment) dropped Billy boy.If you know what I mean) X rated naturally.We finally found a taxi on the outskirts of Larnaca (Surprise Surprise!