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My little pony helping twilight win the crown

Then we'll party together all around.
Everyone, hey, hey, everybody!
We're here to shout, That the magic of friendship is what are gift cards traceable its all about.Canterlot Wondercolts, help her win the crown.Yeah, we thought they were different, as the night is from the day.Twilight Sparkle, i'm gonna be myself, no matter what I do and.So get up, get down cause its gonna make a sound.

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Pinkie Pie, hey, hey!We'll stick together and start working on that school pride.So get up, get down.Fluttershy Twilight helped us each to see.If you follow me, we'll put discount universe sale our differences aside.But if you look a little deeper.We're got something to say, We make seem as different, as the night is from day.Start now, make a change.Hands way up, then come down.
Applejack Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty.
And if we're different yeah, I want you to be true to you.