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My greatest olympic prize question and answer pdf

Luz Longs compassion and camaraderie touched Owens.
He gave Owens a firm handshake that was devoid of any jealousy.
Long thus broke the ice and they developed a bond.
We laughed over the fact that he really looked the part, though.What do you understand of Hitler from Jesses account?A little hot under the collar about Hitlers ways, I determined to go out there and really show.How did Owens manage to qualify for the finals with a foot to spare?Jesse Owens shares his Olympic experience.Answer (i Jesse Owens, the black American athlete, is the speaker.
Did I come all the way from America for this?
Owens, after the trials, met Long in his quarters and both spent some quality time together the best gift quotes knowing each other, thus leading to a long lasting true friendship.

Answer: Jesse wanted to show Hitler that he was not inferior.These lines are taken from, My Greatest Olympic Prize written by Jesse Owens.Question (i Which games are referred to in the extract above?I wasnt too worried about all this.Answer: Luz Long was taller than Owens with a lean muscular frame with clear blue eyes, fair hair and a strikingly handsome face.Tomorrow is what counts.Confidently, I drew a line a full foot in back of the board and proceeded to jump from there.In, these lines Owen thinks what will happen if Germany wins.Jesse Owens feels that his friendship with Luz Long is greater than that of all the medals he has won.On the first of my three qualifying jumps, I leaped from several inches beyond the take-off board for a foul.Originally Published on, readers Digest.
Extract I, i wasnt too worried about all of those gold medals.
He had no inhibitions in offering his rival a very important tip even though it could have meant his failure.