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My coke rewards review

my coke rewards review

But these guys also want you to share everything on Facebook, Twitter and.
And if you dont participate in any activities on the site for 30 days, your status reverts to a gifts for 4th graders lower level.
You can see my points total in the photo; I joined the program around the first of May. .She just about has me convinced with just these 2 points alone: Free Six Flag Tickets, you can Text your codes!My ticket # is 7pwyz2009.Raleigh, food m / Really hard to navigate to find rewards.By participating in My Coke Rewards activities based on your interest ranging widely from health and fitness to gaming you can typically earn one to three points points each.Plant City Software Games coke rewards / Restaurant Coupons Don't elect to use points to get restaurant coupons.But I guess I was too busy trying to find a can with my name on it to pay attention to my rewards earning potential.Right after this, we went on a trip to Atlanta for a convention. .Everyone knows about my love for a good old-fashioned Coca-Cola.So if youre Facebook friends with your dentist, you might not want to share anything about your soda habit.How to Redeem Your Points Theres one clear situation where it makes sense to participate in My Coke Rewards: If youre buying supplies or groceries for your office.Food My Coke Rewards / Don't waste your time Ja JacD51 on Jan 14, 2011 For those of you who collect My Coke Reward codes: The 250-point blockbuster Night Coupon is currently being rejected for redemption at Blockbuster stores.Copyright 2018, Chicago Tribune.I'm passionate about healthy living, cooking low carb foods, traveling, making memories with my family, and encouraging others in everyday life.At that point, Im really going to need new running gear because Ill have puffed up a bit from all the sugar.Obnoxious flasing ads on the rewards pages, about 10 percent of the codes just don't work, poorly printer codes, Impossible to get a hold of anyone.
I do my best to save a crisp can of Coke for an occasional treat.

All in all, its a great program, easy to use, and the rewards are awesome. .Consumer Electronics My Coke Rewards / Is This a legitimate prize notification I have an "The Coca Cola Company Official Proze Notifcation" saying I am in the final 20 lucky winners, since it is connected to the South African Tobacco Worldwide Promotion, I am questioning.Have you ever wondered how My Coke Rewards works, and if its worth the time and effort?Adult tickets are 16! .All in all total crap!I have redeemed the points by potato parcel promo code purchasing 3 Video Games from, Real Arcade.Coupons for a free. .Bottle of regular Coke per week, for a total of 52 bottles per year at three points apiece.

Sweepstakes m / Program continues to be stripped of benefits.
Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster based in Washington,.C.
Im saving my points all winter in hopes of that coming back in the spring!