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Most likely to win as a favorite

AnimeDrawer NO - WorldPuncher47592834 V 9 Comments 20 Iran Nowdays iran is very good because the players are so young and work with plan and also have professional coach although they are first at asia and defeat most teams in the way of world.
I am wondering why?With Jaejoong winning any and every poll, his victory may seem suspect, especially since his general attitudes and behavior dont necessarily correspond to someone who would ideally be put in a leadership fun shack seaham vouchers position, an essence that is best reflected dance teacher gifts for christmas in his rejection of the opportunity.I agree they do have a lot of heart.They're the best in Asia now They qualified but haven't won but they beat Germany Beat germany 2-0 V 5 Comments 33 Switzerland There pretty good They can beat sweden round off 16 They qualified but haven't won 34 Denmark The Lord shall cometh upon.Poland has few unpolished diamonds on bench that can shine during world cup.Big Bang s, g-Dragon as, most Likely to Become CEO of Their Own Company, JYJ s, kim Jaejoong, like always, ended up decimating the rest of the competition, coming out on top with.84 of the vote, followed by G-Dragon with.77 of the vote.They Have Definitely Improved Significantly Through The Tournament And Had An Outstanding Victory Over Argentina Relating To Saturday Night's Match.If they can put egos aside, tabu by dana gift set Belgium are a very strong force and will need that going into a game with France next.Somalia is a country.They are strong with Arjen Robben and Van Persie.V 4 Comments 36 Costa Rica Costa Rica should win the cup because in the group stage Costa Rica is always on 1st or 2nd place They did amazing in the 2014 world cup They qualified but haven't won great JOB with USA 4-0.

Also, I'm pretty sure they won't win.Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize.They will make the World Cup, if not win.Now with experience, they might peak at the right time.V 32 Comments 12 Netherlands I love the Netherlands I've watched the 2014 fifa while there on vacation and we were rooting for them.They will fight till the end of the game like it's their last day Not qualifying V 6 Comments 40 Somalia Aren't they suspended?Young talents maturing on their new teams, they'll learn a lot and win it for their country James Rodriguez is the best and will surely lead Colombia to victory!Uruguay can win the third world cup in future if they host the tournament in future after all Uruguay is the greatest football team of all time in the history of fifa world cup Qualified but haven't won V 16 Comments 15 Sweden Sweden was.Also, I'm not sure they will qualify.
V 5 Comments 38 Scotland If Charlie Adam, the next Ronaldo, can up his game, they could easily nick England's auto-qualifying spot.

They were banned from the 1950 edition, and couldn't afford to send a team in 1930.
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Well my friend is lives here so yeah 24 Canada "They have never been to a world cup".