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Mini golf prize ideas

mini golf prize ideas

You can oftentimes raise a considerable amount just by placing a jug labeled donations right next to where players how to win candy crush 140 pay for their rounds.
And dont forget to use posters in store windows, community newsletters, email, and other methods to stimulate interest in you golf tournament.
If the tie remains at that raffles educity seminar point, award prizes to both players.For example, if you are raising funds to help a specific person with medical expenses, feature that persons story in the press release.Employ multiple fundraising activities to generate additional funds.Planning Invitations: Pick a day at a sunny time of the year for your mini golf tournament and call a local mini golf course to reserve it for your company.April 28, 2014, seasonal Special Events Ideas, you probably dont have any professional golfers at your workplace, but you may have some aspiring ones.No Strings Attached, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.The little extras (and a great after-tournament banquet) are the way you'll set your tournament apart from the pack.Golf tournaments, whether they're used for business purposes or as charity events, have exploded in popularity over the past few years.Your group can sell raffle tickets for a donated prize or, lacking a suitable prize, conduct a 50/50 cash raffle where the winning ticket gets half the raffle sales amount.What could be more challenging in mini golf than hampering the players' vision?!?
It allows adults to relive their childhood of playing miniature golf.

Raise Some Money, mini golf tournaments are one of the best ways to organize a fundraiser for whatever reason.Keep the focus on the most newsworthy aspect of your mini golf tournament, such as why you are raising funds and what the ultimate benefit of your golf fundraiser will.Place the items along with attractive descriptions and bid sheets target sandals promo code on tables near high-traffic spots.Miniature golf is not just a game for children's partiesminiature golf courses can hold adult parties as well.Any players who are still tied go back and play the 10th hole.Instead of playing using traditional scoring at the miniature golf party, use match play.Well, there you go!If there is a tie, the players involved in the tie compete against each other for the prize until one player involved in that tie scores lower than the others involved in the tie on hole, and that player wins the prize.
Award a playing card from a standard deck of cards to any player any time he scores below par for a hole on the golf course.

To maximize attendance, price your golf event tickets at reasonable prices.
Food and drink sales is another source of potential profits.