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Minecraft vouchers plugin

minecraft vouchers plugin

It's a chat based id-card for your players character and it looks a bit like this: The chat output of the plugin is in json so you can click on the text to edit the information on your card.
vcheck OR /vcheck player Lists a player's vouchers.
vtime day OR /vtime night Shifts a world's time of day.vheal OR /vheal player Heals a player.For those of you unfamiliar, it allows admins to set up voucher shops, from which players can buy vouchers that allow them to do various things.This includes in the permissions nodes.1Requires full Minecraft game.Dependencies:!Without these plugins installed RPEngine won't work!I actually recorded a video of me creating this plugin, if you want to see, it check it out.If done correctly, you will be sent a message and the first line will turn blue.Share the adventure with friends in split-screen multiplayer and online.
Y Allows a use to buy vouchers.
Deem : /redeem code : Redeem a voucher code.

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Current Voucher Types: Protection Allows a player to place a block only they (or an admin) can destroy.Permissions min Allows a user to build/destroy shops and destroy all protected blocks.Yml is set up properly.VouchersX is a rewritten version of my long abandoned plugin Vouchers.Online multiplayer on Xbox One requires Xbox Live Gold subscription (sold separately).Superpick Allows a player to break one block instantly.
I wrote it to give my players something to spend their ridiculous amounts of iConomy gold.