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Black Sails : two canonical ones: Thomas/James/Miranda and Max/Anne/Jack.
Sanctuary has Helen/John/James and Helen/John/Tesla as its most popular ones.
Fans of the Mazinger trilogy ( Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, UFO Robo Grendizer ) consider Kouji/Sayaka/Maria is a solution to c21 stores online coupon the most important Love Triangle in the series (nobody seems considering Kouji/Sayaka/Boss or Tetsuya/Jun/Boss, nevertheless.
It's just like One True Pairing, except that there are three characters involved; most often this means the Hero, the Love Interest, and one of their best friends with whom they've had homoerotic subtext at some point.The Law of Purple 's Lette/Blue/Synn is pretty much canon.En France, cette question a été traitée par le Centre d'analyse stratégique (CAS) dans un premier rapport sur l'impact des TIC sur les conditions de travail (en février 2012 29 et dans un second rapport concernant plus spécifiquement la fonction publique 30 (janvier 2013) ;.Keep in mind im a very strong person.Harry/Hermione/Draco combines three of the most popular ships (Harmony, Drarry, Dramione) DGB (Draco/Ginny/Blaise) has a popular following, and Hermione/Draco/Blaise elsa and anna gift set has become mildly popular in smutfics.Similarly, those wanting to run with the SteveTony Ho Yay but not wanting to break up TonyPepper go with PepperSteveTony and those who want TonyBruce go with TonyBrucePepper.She and Koyomi were attracted to one another before Senjougahara literally fell into Koyomi's life, and despite being potential love rivals Senjougahara and Tsubasa get along surprisingly well.
Put the characters' names in a hat, grab a few, and odds are there's a fic somewhere.

Can the glitter be added to lipgloss for extra sparkle?In Corpse Bride, Victor ends up learning to love Emily enough to want to join her in the Afterlife after believing his chances with Victoria are over.Sur le plan organisationnel fonctionnement et organisation de l'entreprise rocky win scene et de la gestion des ressources humaines : sur le plan commercial : sur le plan professionnel : Création de nouveaux emplois (entreprise et main-d'œuvre) Limites modifier modifier le code Contrairement à ce que les adjectifs.Dragon Ball : An OT3 that became a bit more popular is Android 17/Krillin/Android.Technically Yuna and Rikku are cousins, but since Rikku's brother Brother has a crush on Yuna apparently this doesn't really matter.Since Niles and Odin are also very good-looking and are shown to be very devoted to Leo, it's easy to guess what followed.A Thing of Vikings sees Hiccup formalize Berk's alliance with Norway by taking Wulfhild, half-sister of King Magnus the Good, as his concubine on top of his marriage to Astrid, with the three soon finding a balance that allows them all to fall in love.Buffy/Angel/Faith is another big one, what with Buffy and Faith having Les Yay out the wazoo and Angel and Faith having enough chemistry to get a spin-off comic series out.The Eagle of the Ninth has Marcus/Cottia/Esca.Also noteworthy: Mukuro/Dino/Hibari, Byakuran/Mukuro/Tsuna, Hibari/Squalo/Yamamoto, Yamamoto/Dino/Hibari, Yamamoto/Gokudera/Hibari.At the end of either game (especially 3 the Allied cutscene shows them making their mutual plays for him.