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Melania gives michelle a gift

melania gives michelle a gift

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome President-elect Trump and future First Lady Melania Trump to the White House.
The former First Lady appears on Thursday's 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she also admits Barack had to help her out with the gift that Melania handed.During a media spectacle.And President Barack Obama is giving the keys to the White House over to Donald Trump.Trump: Melania gave exact same speech as Michelle.On 'Fox Friends Ainsley Earhardt takes a tour of the Trump penthouse.Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama Speech Comparison.Næst, sjálfvirk spilun, takmörku stilling: Kveikt, ferill.Is Melania Trump the next flotus?The former model from Slovenia introduced her husband Donald at a recent campaign rally in Milwaukee, and inspired the.More from Inside Edition: /2bF0iuC Call it the first 1 corinthians 13 wedding gifts mystery of the Trump administration: What was inside the Tiffany's box that Melania Trump hand.Did you think Michelle Obama receiving a gift from Melania Trump at Donalds Inauguration was that awkward?Her 2000 striped dress by Celine fluttered in the wind as she came down the.Split-screen video shows striking similarities between Melania Trump's GOP Convention speech and Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at the Democratic.The first lady handed over the vanil.Ian brewer writes, "Soon to be ex-First Lady.
Melania and the Prez were walking away from Air Force One Monday after landing in Tel Aviv.

Melania gave Michelle Obama a parting gift: a Tiffanys Box.Melania Trump apparently only smiles when her husband's watching.Apparently, Fox News feels that is vile and disgusting to criticize First Lady, Melania Trump, and that there are double standards in the media Let's have.Etta vídeó er ekki tiltækt.The first lady nudged President Trump to put his hand over his chest during the singing of the national anthem during the White House Easter Egg Roll.The First Lady can be seen in a cringe-worthy video clip from Friday's inauguration.Alguna joya de Tiffany, quizá?People took to Twitter to remark over Michelles face as she received the large blue box.Adam Johnson writes, "Michelle Obama is not impressed by Melania Trump's gift giving ability.

At least one passage in Melania Trump's speech Monday night at the Republican National Convention plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech to the Democratic.
During the Al Smith charity dinner, Donald Trump joked that his wife Melania gave the exact same speech as Michelle Obama, and said he doesn't understand.