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It has stuff in it that nut butter doesnt have, namely caffeine and protein powder.
As in, how are we selling this.And he does some really interesting things with the data that Woot didnt do in the past, which makes buying things on Meh all the less meh.Now, moving away from m and Matt Rutledges old project and look at his new project, Meh.M is quite literally m all over again, but with a much sharper edge and at least to me, much funnier.While they dont exactly say what will happen if everyone mehs a certain deal, it will be interesting to see how this new model does against m because they still are in direct competition with another.But FYI, while each serving size only has about 40mg of caffeine, a little more than bonus gift points fifa half as much as there is in an ounce of espresso, the entire jar has something like 400mg.In fact, one guy paid basically nothing for an entire gaming rig thanks to ms Bag of Crap sales.If Amazon cant sell a product or needs to find a way to sell something quickly, they will either put it up on Amazons gold box deals, which are usually products people want, or they will more than likely throw it.
You buy a bag, or bags of crap for basically 1 and pay the 5 flat shipping rate and you can basically get anything.

Which is not necessarily a helpful way to put it, because, well, whats also a peanut-based nut spread is nut butter, which this isnt.Really, theres some serious Charlie_explaining_Pepe_g potential here, so lets just put it as simply as possible: This isnt nut butter because its more than nut butter.You can buy it, or just say meh.But Meh does thing entirely differently, and even more openly.For example, Woot usually tells you who bought the first item and which states bought what and how much of that item.They also had some of the wittiest product sales pitches in the universe and today, after theyve been acquired by Amazon, they pretty much seem like Amazons dumping ground.Meh, and the best part?Get four different flavors, or get a couple each of the two kinds you want the most, or get four of the same flavor, or whatever.For 20, you get to build your own 4-pack from the following flavor choices: Chocolate Chaos Almond Spread; Chocolate Craze Peanut Spread; Honey Grim Peanut Spread; Killer Caramel Peanut Spread; and Wicked White Chocolate Peanut Spread.That part is pretty simple.It cut da carb coupon code is a peanut-based (or in one instance almond-based) nut spread.

Matt Rutledge really got some really great sales going.