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Lol first win of the day timer

I undersatnd what your saying, but i mean like wouldnt the client have to send like a message to the server saying "Hey, how much IP do i have?
Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: gadget discount warehouse 179 I highly doubt it works, anyone care to test it?Oh okay" "I have this much IP, i want to buy this champion for the listed price" So like im saying wouldnt the client have to send the server the data in order to be able to purcahse the champion?1, details, first Win of the Day, objective: Win 1 matchmade game.Happy Chinese New Year and get your winning streak!Comments, riot MapleNectar reveals new Teleport change: Can no longer be cancelled after casting._ maramizo is offline maramizo 1st December 2014, 02:11 PM # 17 xeltic Ban reason: Custom / undisclosed Join Date: May 2014 Posts: 33 wonder how many retards will get banned for trying this xeltic is offline xeltic 1st December 2014, 07:54 PM #.LoL First win of the day bonus every match.First Win of the Day Reward.Important: There will be a CNY Hot Time period for First Win of the Day chests from 15 February 2018 to 20 February 2018.MeowskiMeow, ad Blockers creating paywalls and destroying free content since 2006.
Edit: it didnt work, as expected Last edited by weakspider; 16th November 2014 at 09:48.
If you want assault to be balanced, you're playing it wrong.

Disabilitor is online now disabilitor 14th November 2014, 11:42 PM # 3 fredaikis, kek Stroganoff, join Date: Feb 2013, location: Wakanda.If i refuse to play them, i miss on bonus favor.Oh well what can.In each game mode.To celebrate the prosperous Year of Dog, earn additional rewards in the Chest of Prosperity event from 12 February 2018, 8:00 AM to 25 February 2018, 7:59.You don't have the right to just get 600 free favor everyday, that would be silly.You have to earn.For short, the first win of the day timer is server-sided.
Gaining the first win of day disables it for 22 hours.

 06:19 AM #1, apparently there are 6 game modes which provide the first win of the day bonus.