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Kingdom hearts geppetto's gifts

Sora, Donald, and Goofy resolve to find Riku and Mickey, though they are unsure of where to start.
The newly reformed Ansem explains that Kairi is the last Princess of Heart, and that her missing heart has been trapped within Sora's body since the destruction of Destiny Islands.
The group resolves to follow and end Ansem's plan.During his slumber, Geppetto is visited by the Blue Fairy who grants Geppetto's wish for his acts of kindness to others.Not only are there rewards for finishing the plot, but theres treasures inside Monstro itself, including the Watergleam Summon gem, which well talk about in wrap-up, and a Torn Page he gobbled up (which you can find without High Jump, yes). .For starters, Rikus gone, but he was never much help to begin with.New blueprints are unlocked based on how many Heartless youve killed total.The seven Princesses of Heart, she tells us, have special, pure hearts.Geppetto can be seen as an audio-animatronic in Pinocchio's Daring Journey during certain scenes naturally reliving the scenes from the film.
If you go to visit Geppetto in Traverse Town, you learn that he has gained an interest in Gummi Ships during his escape, and will now make blueprints of new Gummi ships for Sora.

Ive seen that screw up a few young players.Aside from his pets, he doesn't seem to have a family but nevertheless remains kind-hearted and humble.Upon being found and finally beaten, he explains his belief that darkness is the heart's true essence, and he seeks Kingdom Hearts, the source gifts for a vlogger of all hearts, and therefore the ultimate source of darkness.After Pinocchio went missing, Geppetto wasted no time in searching the village, and beyond, to find his son; taking on dark streets, rain storms, and the deadly whale Monstro, Geppetto was relentless in ensuring his son was safe.Geppetto bargains with the Fairy to use the second spot for Pinocchio and the Fairy lies to the others and says that the wardrobe can only save one.Follow the rooftops in the 2nd District and go through what looks like a window that leads to the 3rd District.Geppetto can be spotted inside Monstro during Ludwig Von Drake's headcount of all the Disney characters in " Ask Von Drake ".Its certainly not a bad attack.Once on the roof, go to the left and you should see the chest.The prize for clearing it is one of Soras signature special attacks, Strike Raid.