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Is trump nominated for the nobel peace prize

Luke Messer, formally nominated the president in a letter sent to the Nobel Committee on Wednesday.
Evan Jenkins, who is running for the Senate in West Virginia; and Jim Renacci, who is running for a US Senate seat in Ohio.Mr Trump and North Korean sydney prize result leader Kim Jong-un are working out the details of a historic summit that could take place by the end of May or early June.There might be some political motivations involved in this nomination, too."The sanctions have decimated the North Korean economy and have been largely credited for bringing North Korea to the negotiating table the nomination letter stated.On both sides of the US political divide, the reasoning has bordered on the absurd, with one camp asserting that Mr Trump played no part in the ongoing detente on the Korean peninsula, while the other attributes it solely to his intervention.It said the Trump administration united China and others in imposing strict sanctions.More than a dozen House Republicans formally nominated the president in a letter sent to the Nobel Committee on Wednesday.The meeting is highly anticipated for myriad reasons, including the fact Trump and Kim were engaged in a heated war of words only a few months ago.Since taking office, President Trump has worked tirelessly to apply maximum pressure to North Korea to end its illicit mercury prize shortlist 2016 weapons program and bring peace to the region, the letter, sent to the Norwegian Nobel committee on Wednesday and signed by Indiana Republican Luke Messer, said.Obama said at the time.CNN reports six other lawmakers who signed the letter are also seeking higher office.More than a dozen House Republicans, led by Rep.Messer is currently locked in a tight three-way primary battle in Indiana for.S."And yet I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the considerable controversy that your generous decision has generated.
For Mr Trump's fervent supporters, the looming summit with Kim - all but unimaginable just months ago - is proof that his often-impulsive presidency can break through barriers, change the rules of the diplomatic game, and succeed where his predecessors have failed.

There were 330 nominees for the 2018 Nobel peace prize, the winner of which will be announced in December, The Guardian reported."I am at the beginning, and not the end, of my labors on the world stage Barack Obama said on December 10, 2009 in Oslo, as he acknowledged "the considerable controversy" surrounding the committee's decision at the dawn of his first term.That's very nice Trump said in response to the chanting.We can think of no one more deserving of the Committees recognition in 2019 than President Trump for his tireless work to bring peace to our world, the letter added.Donald Trump has been formally nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for the US President's efforts to solve the North Korean nuclear tensions.President Donald Trump has been nominated by House Republicans for the Nobel Peace Prize.
"Since taking office, President Trump has worked tirelessly to apply maximum pressure on North Korea to end its illlicit weapons programs and bring peace to the region Messer wrote in the letter.

Obama won the prize in 2009 for his "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Some felt the award was given to Obama prematurely and the decision was not met without criticism, a fact the former president addressed in his.