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Is it rude to give money as a gift

is it rude to give money as a gift

Etiquette is a structured way of knowing how to treat other people well, whether you know those people or not.
The numbers are supposed to bring the couple luck.Answers from Cleveland on October 03, 2012 I do ask for gift cards, but usually only with close family.Answers from New York on October 03, 2012 I tell my kids that nobody is obligated to give them a present.Photo credit: Regina Richards Photography.It's not impolite to be given money, my coke rewards review if that's the giver's choice, but you're not to ask for it, classic reward flights even if your excuse is that it's the practical thing for the givers to give.The only people who ask my daughter are grandparents and she's free to tell them what she;d like but as for other people i'd hope she'd not expect a gift at all but i christmas gifts delivered to spain wouldnt be offended or think its rude.Another.: when asked what you want, reply "for you to be there to celebrate my birthday with me!" 5 moms found this helpful,.P.

Photo credit: Float Away Studios, the Benefits, one of the major benefits of asking for money instead of physical gifts is that you are in complete control of it and can put the cash towards intangibles like a rainy day fund, a dream house fund.Now we just do whatever we can if we can or the kids don't go at all.K.Not only are you giving them something they don't want or need but then they have the guilt of throwing it in the trash.Answers from New York on October 03, 2012.Here is the thing with money, you can dance around the subject saying everything they want is a big ticket item or you can say, just give them cash.Answers from Pittsburgh on October 03, 2012.I think if you say money, then you should have no expectations for the actual amount.
Answers from Grand Forks on October 03, 2012 This has started with my ten year old son and his friends.

For the one or two people who really want to give a gift I tell them I will get back to them and ask the child to give me four things in a varied range of cost and give that to them.