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In win gaming cube a1 release date

It's a mid-tower with an almost completely open chamber, with room for up to a 360mm radiator along the bottom and a 240 along the side.
On the 806, there's actually a nice button around back that unlatches the side panel and lets you tilt it outwards to remove.In Win's 305 case.It also has the side benefit of being a more "sustainable" material.Reply #3, flippinFred, well this is definitely a new concept.Posted on May 29th 2017, 17:06 Reply #17 FreedomEclipse personalized welcome gift bags Technological Technocrat I wood not believe it if they released it Posted on May 29th 2017, 17:07 Reply #18 yotano211 I like to touch my wood Posted on May 29th 2017, 17:44 Reply #19 qubit Overclocked.Posted on May 29th 2017, 15:30.Related News 1 to 25 of 42, go to Page 1 2, previous, next #1, ferrum Master waterford wave pool discount tickets @capslockstuck, ever considered making a case out of your matches.Now that everyone's using tempered glass, what's In Win got up its sleeve to woo us?Okay to be more fair chopsticks could be more viable solution :D already tchbox and Winebox Posted on May 29th 2017, 15:51 Reply #11 Ferrum Master Damn, that surname on the glue can :D How much time did it consume to make that?Posted on May 29th 2017, 15:23.
The answer, judging from my time in In Win's booth this year, is across the board elegant, stylish design, using glass, metal, and even wood in some damn pretty cases.
OCD doesnt have to be a handicap.

One: crazy concept projects, the kind that draw big crowds on the show floor of Computex every year.Gaming Cube A1, un modelo mini-ITX con formato realmente compacto pero que ofrece grandes posibilidades.Posted on May 29th 2017, 15:43 Reply #10 capslockstuck Spaced Out Lunar Tick "Ferrum Master said: @capslockstuck Ever considered making a case out of your matches.That one was full wood, no fancy windows.When I think of case maker In Win, I think of two things.In Win is one of the most influential brands when it comes to case-design, the company is at the cutting edge of implementing new materials.That was like 15 years ago.I'm sure there is a select number of person's who would absolutely love this design.The Gaming A1 and 806 are based on existing In Win case designs, but with some nice tweaks.Cooling features include two 120 mm bottom intakes and a 120 mm exhaust each on the rear and side.Monday, May 29th 2017 by btarunr, monday, May 29th 2017 15:19, discuss (42 Comments).
Posted on May 29th 2017, 15:35.
Posted on May 29th 2017, 16:02 Reply #14 TheDeeGee LGR will approve!

The second thing: tempered glass.
This is just stupid.
The power supply lives at the top of this case, which has room for a 360mm radiator along the top of the case.