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If you receive a gift of money is it taxable

if you receive a gift of money is it taxable

Shayler-Webb (my friend I must admit that I thought this would be one of those standard internet scams but yesterday I was emailed by representatives of both EMI and TimeWarner asking for my home address.
(Our lips are sealed with a kiss.) Those who managed to fight their way through howler bros discount code reading it were greeted by the same Old Navy offer"d above.
Microsoft contacted me for my address and withindays, I receive a check for 24,800.00.
February 2000 brought us a version that at least had a minor new element: the free merchandise hoax was combined with the forward this message to ten other people and a cool little animation will play on your screen, this time with the reward being.Astute readers will note the similarities between this newer AOL/Intel version and the earlier AOL/Microsoft tale.At the time this gag started running, tracing all recipients of an e-mail message was not yet technically possible, and even if it were, Bill Gates certainly wouldnt have been testing software that performed such tracking by blindly sending messages out to the Internet with.Charles S Bailey General Manager Field Operations Ext.Business, start accepting all kinds of payments with one PayPal business account.In actuality, we were able to trace the spread of the eevp message back through 994 participants to our msvss (Microsoft Virus Seed Server) at the Microsoft vmtf here in Redmond.Follow the on screen instructions to order the specific make and model of Honda you want to buy with your account.I am the Senior President of ew, and I am offering a great deal in compliance to these other great r every ten people you forward this two, your AOL screen name will receive an online ew gift certificate worth fifty dollars.These messages were developed without the knowledge or approval of Gap Inc.What do you have to lose?Read what he has to say about being involved in this hoax in his essay on spam.(But not altered too well, we see though this version supposedly has AOL and Intel on the hook, the text repeatedly refers to Microsoft as making the payments.) As the thunderous silence roiling off Wall Street proves, no rumors about an impending Intel/AOL merger are.Because of this, I have been authorized to offer 10 free cds of your choice to any person who participates in our promotion.This thing is for real.With an audience this gullible, somebody should write this software.You might be surprised with how many online stores accept PayPal.
Dear Friends; Please do not take this for a junk letter.

In August 1998 the basic leg-pull was further enhanced with Disney being thrown into the mix.Each of your friends must send this to at least 5 people or you wont be eligible, so choose your friends wisely!In April 1999, the Microsoft version of the hoax had Netscape and AOL merging, leaving Microsoft scrambling to get people to use Internet Explorer.It does this through an unique IP (Internet Protocol) address log book database.You are bound to get at least 10,000.00.Microsoft is nowhere to be seen?The E-contest was actually a testbed for a new product we are developing called V-trace98.04.Shayler-Webb does exist, so it doesnt hurt to pass.
AS YOU beatrix potter gift box set know, there HAS been some prmotion things going ON with abercrombie AND fitch AND THE GAP.