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If you kill him he will win

He's all right with killing someone by accident, but a pre-meditated killing leaves him deeply troubled.
Actually, Basara had promised Lars in exchange for his help rescuing Mio that he would get to kill Zolgia, since Mio's foster parents had also run the orphanage where Lars grew.
Smallville : Said word for word in "Fragile" by Clark to convince a second generation meteor freak not to kill her similarly-powered father.I mean, come on After all that's happened, weren't you so dirt squirrel coupon code anxious to do that?In the Season 2 episode "Grannie Annie after Boss is kidnapped by a counterfeiter and his bodyguard who plans to brutally kill him (after believing he double-crossed him Rosco begs Bo and Luke to go after the counterfeiter and save Boss' life; Bo and Luke.Thanks to The Power of Love in the final episode, she manages to get better though.You wanna sit up some night with me and talk to all of 'em?In fact, not paying evil unto evil, but rather with forgiveness, is a fundamental aspect of Biblical Christianity.Killing the Joker would simply force Gotham to send someone worse to challenge Batman.Subverted in Darkman 's climax, when Darkman is holding the villain Strack by one leg over the building scaffolding.
Snape: Voldemort used to go to Muggle villages just to kill people.

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Played straight in one issue of Wolverine's self-titled comic, when confronting Reno and Molokai, hitmen who had murdered Jubilee's parents.In fact, we're worse.If you kill him, he will win.Subverted in The Testament of Sister New Devil.Now, I believe official tournament rules say that refusing to take your turn more than three minutes after your opponent ends his is grounds for disqualification, and I ended my turn about Let's see Forty seconds ago.Little Becky Two-Shoes : Haven't you heard, Little Sally?New how to make homemade christmas gifts Heart English Bible, if he is able to fight with me and kill me, then we will be your servants; but if I prevail against him, and kill him, then you will be our servants, and serve.".
Because if he does, he won't be any better than.
Must become so, so formidable, so fearless of death, so strong that he will win, he will win.

One of the only times Clark has intentionally killed an opponent was when he faced the alien warrior, Titan.